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  1. JoePasko2002

    another gigging gripe

    Not the first time this for this. We get an email from the promoter of the event... the people who have hired us to play... with some useful information about the gig, and forewarning us that parking will likely be a bitch, and that we are basically on our own as far as that's concerned...
  2. JoePasko2002

    met a DFO member on the Cape, last week

    My wife and I were vacationing on Cape Code last week. Whenever we travel, I always bring along my mini travel banjo, some harmonicas and various small percussion instruments. I never know what sort of musical situation I'll manage to stumble and/or insinuate myself into, but I usually...
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    Craft Brewery gig(s)

    We played three sets Friday night, at the Wolf Hollow Brewery, in West Glenville, NY. Our first brewery gig. Hopefully they hire us back again .... and we are going to look into booking at other brewery/taprooms in the area (there are quite a few). All of these craft breweries are stepping...
  4. JoePasko2002

    Gig with partial band

    Thursday night was our monthly restaurant gig at LT's Grill, in Niskayuna NY. Our mandolin player had to go out of town on personal business and our fiddler was in bed with a cold, so we had to do the gig as a 4-piece, with little preparation. It went pretty well. We played looser than...
  5. JoePasko2002

    Is anyone playing in Boston the weekend ?

    My wife and I are driving from Albany NY to Boston MA on Friday, to celebrate our first anniversary (Dec. 30th) and New Years Eve. Looking forward to good food, good beer & wine, and hopefully some great live music.
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    Sabian, but not a cymbal

    I have been playing a traditional Cajun triangle in my act for many years. Recently decided to add an orchestral triangle to my set-up. Until I started looking into it, I wasn't even aware that Sabian has a line of quality B8 bronze triangles. Their hand-hammered models cost about twice...
  8. JoePasko2002

    Music placement: JinglePunks, etc.

    I was wondering if anyone else here is dabbling in the lucrative <?> business of music placement. Our bass player (who is retired, and apparently has some time on his hands), has hooked our band's music up with an outfit called Jingle Punks (and a couple of other similar agencies), to get our...
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    strange cymbal pricing

    I might expect a pair of hi-hats to cost slightly less than the combined cost of buying each cymbal individually. But I wouldn't expect a pair to be priced for less than just the single top cymbal. Maybe this is just a mistake on the part of the seller. Or maybe, there is truthfully no rhyme...
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    Now here's a tool that I've been looking for ...

    .. in fact, I have already ordered one, and it should be arriving in the mail this week. My various clamps frequently seize up on me when I am breaking down ... especially the one on my cowbell. Brutally painful on my fingers, trying to force the...
  11. JoePasko2002

    what kind of man uses hot pink drumsticks ??

    Well, my 13-year old son, Ryan, for one. I bought him a variety of sticks for Christmas, and so far he likes these pink Vic 5A's best. He claims it's because of how they feel. But I think it's the color, too. I included them in his gift package mostly just for laughs. The kid is a budding...
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    my shorties

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    Drum Set warning !

    Someone posted this on Facebook, this morning. It came with their Tama drums. Pay special attention to what it says about earthquakes.
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    Flurry Fest in Saratoga NY

    Anyone familiar with this, or ever been to it ? It's a huge annual music and dance festival, in Saratoga Springs, NY. My band is playing twice tomorrow, at two different locations. There are performances and particpatory dances going on all around the downtown area. The temperature is...
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    Schenectady, NY

    Here's a cast of characters ! Friday night, Jan 15th, 7pm.. we ( Three Quarter North) are playing at Arthur's Market on Ferry St. in Schenectady's historic Stockade district. Our performance is being recorded and videographed for promotional material ... so we are hoping for an enthusiastic...
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    What brand of brushes are these ?

    Rather than splaying out from a center point, these appear to be constructed like house-paint brushes. Is anyone familiar with them ?
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    This past Sunday we finished off our series of Fall Festivals, performing in a historic (and drafty) Dutch barn in Rotterdam Junction, NY, that was built in 1760 !! It was a chilly day and we even had some snow flurries (not unusual this time of year in the great Northeast). The festival was...
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    Kinderhook NY

    This Saturday [Oct.10], we're playing Fall Fest in Kinderhook,NY. I lived in Kinderhook from 2008 until 2014 when I moved back to Albany. Will be nice to be back in beautiful Columbia County, on the Village Gazebo. Our 5th year playing this event. Last year it was so chilly, Banjo Bob had...
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    2 days, 6 sets, no rain !

    In fact this past weekend was beautiful weather in upstate NY. Busy time of year for a rustic group like us.. plenty of fall fests, apple fests, harvest fests, etc. in the Northeast and they like our type of music for those deals. Saturday, we played 4 sets at the Eagle Mills Craft Festival...