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  1. Chasforeman

    Guitar Pedalboard

    Built this case/board for my guitarist. Pedalboard is detached from case using tearaway hinges. Used the Lichtenburg burning method for detail on case and on front of board.
  2. Chasforeman

    TRADED - Sold

    Love this ride. Bell is nice and clear while the wash stays nice and dark. Curious if there is something worth trading for. Open to anything. Hear it at the 1:40 and 3:00 marks: 7-12.m4a?dl=0
  3. Chasforeman

    Gibraltar 8000 Cymbal Stands

    Cymbal stands are in excellent, like new condition, never moved. 1 boom, 1 straight. Flat base.
  4. Chasforeman

    Stave Shells Available (with hardware)

    I have a 2 stave shells I'm willing to sell/trade for: - Smaller than 16” cymbals (Meinl, Istanbul, Bosphorus) - vintage or new hardware - ludwig, rogers, slingerland bass pedals - any kind of drums The shells are close to 3/4" thick. - 10" x approx. 10" | walnut, pecan, and maple (maple is...
  5. Chasforeman

    Stave Drum Process

    First attempt at building drums was an incredible journey. After lots of planning and research, here is my process and result. @chas.4man on Instagram for wood and drum related content. The Process These two sites were very helpful. You can find stave drum calculators and plenty of advice...
  6. Chasforeman

    Rare Cymbal?

    Came across this Masterwork 10" FX cymbal and it sounds very unique and soft. I've reached out to Gerry at Hazelshould, but thought I'd see if anyone knows where I could get one or something similar.