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  1. JoePasko2002

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Yeah its a pandeiro... from Remo. I mount it using the tambourine cradle from Black Swamp Percussion. The instrument sits on elastic shock cord, so it can move. Has legs for table-top paying -- and a hole so it can be mounted on an ordinary cymbal stand, which is what I do. I will sometimes...
  2. JoePasko2002

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Yesterday at the annual Tug Boat Festival on the Erie Canal, in Waterford NY. only 5 mounted instruments: saw blade, cowbell, Cajun triangle, pandeiro & rivet cymbal; lots of hand percussion options, plus a washboard (not seen in pic)
  3. JoePasko2002

    Trio gigs with Matthew Shipp + Rob Brown

    Newman Taylor Baker plays with Matthew Shipp, too. Do you know him ? Fine drummer and washboardist extraordinaire !
  4. JoePasko2002

    "The Engine": Does a Nickname Help You Achieve Rock Stardom?

    Lee Harvey Blotto, drummer of the band Blotto ("I Wanna Be A Lifeguard", "Metalhead"). (He's a friend of mine, and a respected intellectual property attorney under his given name.)
  5. JoePasko2002

    Tough Being a Rock Fan

    It gives you time to save up more money, so that you can afford a couple beers at the concert.
  6. JoePasko2002

    yes, another one of those "Name My Band" threads

    here's one I made up, but never used : The Soul Briquettes (It's a takeoff on the word 'sobriquet'. It has Soul, which is always a good thing to have. And briquettes is charcoal, which burns hot and cooks !) of how about : The Rock Tumblers (anyone else have a lapidary set when you were...
  7. JoePasko2002

    LA Uke festival

    The shape of things to strum: Russian balalaika (Soviet era), Eddy Finn 'camp style' ukulele, Greg Nason cigar-box uke.
  8. JoePasko2002

    Any bass players here?

    I have spent the majority of my almost-40 year performing career as a bassist in various bands, various styles of music. I have also enjoyed playing percussion in less formal situations, and always thought how much fun it would be, to be the full-time percussionist in a working band. About 6...
  9. JoePasko2002


    gig cancelled ?
  10. JoePasko2002

    Angling Cymbals away from you??

    I don't know what to say about tilted-away cymbals; never seen it until this thread. However, tilting the drums away, I can see the hipster appeal there ... you see it in old photos of jazz guys from the 20's/30's. (I waiting to see a row of temple blocks across the bass drum make a comeback).
  11. JoePasko2002

    Universal Percussion? (Cannon Products, Wuhan, etc)-CLOSING!

    You must be thinking of Hong Kong.
  12. JoePasko2002

    Playing a bass drum horizontally

    I think the discerning point is: is bottom head played with a pedal, or is top head being played with sticks/mallets.. or both. Consider that in it's most common usage in a drum set, the bass drum plays an essential role, of course. But as an instrument in and of itself, particularly w/ a...
  13. JoePasko2002

    Playing a bass drum horizontally

    Awesome. It's been several years since I have been to one; I opt for GreyFox, instead, usually the same weekend... and closer to home. Hope you have a great time. Jennifer Frank (Keith's sister) is one of my all time favorite bass-players.
  14. JoePasko2002

    Who came up with the term "shell pack" ?

    And when does the number of pieces in a shell pack include the snare, and when doesn't it ? You don't know until you read the fine print as to what is not included. I'll see two drum sets, right next to each other in a catalogue, both advertised as "4 Pieces". One is bass, floor & two rack...
  15. JoePasko2002

    VIOLENT FEMMES: Friday Five-Fer

    Have you seen the current version of the band ? John Sparrow plays a mean charcoal grill !!
  16. JoePasko2002

    Who came up with the term "shell pack" ?

    "shell pack"... yechh ! I am really sick of "bundle" too. Throw in a pair of sticks with a new drum and they call it a bundle.
  17. JoePasko2002

    Playing a bass drum horizontally

    Horizontal with both hands, you really have capacity to do much more with bass drum than one can with a foot pedal. Do you play bass drum exclusively in the Morris group or do you play other drums in conjunction ? PS - Trumansburg ? Are you going to Grassroots ?
  18. JoePasko2002

    Other than drums....

    I have been working my Hohner Echo tremolo harmonica into the act, while trying to maintain my primary role as percussionist, at the same time !! (challenging). Pics from yesterday's show in Albany. The Echo is at least twice as big as a standard blues harp, and you can play it from either...
  19. JoePasko2002

    Jack White on SNL

    Yay !! an SNL music guest where my wife & I didn't fast-forward through the performance after hearing the first 20 seconds.
  20. JoePasko2002

    OT: Gibson Guitar Bankruptcy Imminent

    Fender poised itself as the 'Ford' to Gibson's 'Cadillac' at the early days of the electric guitar age. That was a big part of Leo's original concept.