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  1. hutdoug

    Ludwig Gold Coast

    Back in 1993 I picked up several drums at a rummage sale including a 1937 L&L Standard Swing snare and 1967 3"x13" and 12"x18" Gold Coast outfit in Oyster Black all for $20! Missing from the Gold Coast was the snare basket. I wasn't into collecting yet but I knew what I had. I was offered $350...
  2. hutdoug

    Cool toy snare drum

    Found this today at a rummage sale. Metal shell, rings tacked on. Pull on the string and the spring loaded rod throws four wood buttons against both calf heads for a nice roll. Throw off with wire snares. Any idea who made it and when?
  3. hutdoug

    Window Clings on Shells

    A lot of us use cheap window cling gels like Moongel on heads. Some have said the color has stayed on the head when removed. I got some Valentine gels to dress up my kit for tonight's dance. I'll put them on my New England White Rogers shells. Anyone ever done that? Any danger of the color...
  4. hutdoug


    A few weeks ago I drove about 25 miles to a garage sale. The ad said "two drum sets, one Ludwig, one Yamaha." I got there about 20 minutes before the 8:00am start time. No signs, nobody home. I waited a few minutes and other cars were pulling up. A lady across the street came out and I asked her...
  5. hutdoug

    Hey Austin Guys, Who is This Band?

    Saw this band at Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon in Austin November last year. They kicked ass! Didn't catch the name! Who are they?!?!?
  6. hutdoug

    OT: What are these???

    Seriously, what are these? My neighbor got 15 of them in a box of toys at a thrift shop. I've shown them to all the maintenance and computer support guys at work and nobody has a clue. Anybody???
  7. hutdoug

    Another Flaking Supra

    Got this Supra the other day. It is complete and all the chrome hardware cleaned up nicely. I've already read the recent thread about stripping and refinishing. I know someone who can strip it and powder coat it. But I'm interested in other ways to finish it too. What have you guys done and...
  8. hutdoug

    Dented Dyna

    Told a friend I would clean up this Dynasonic. Looks like it was rolled down a long staircase! The strainer and almost every lug is pushed into the shell and even the beads. I pounded out a lug dent in my Big R Dyna several years ago with a wooden dowel and a hammer. I don't know whether to try...
  9. hutdoug

    Rogers Mint Green Ripple?

    Steel Gray under black light.
  10. hutdoug

    R.I.P. J. J. Cale

    J. J. Cale passed away Friday of a heart attack at 74.
  11. hutdoug

    Get "Em Started Early

    My two month old Grandson Spencer and me.
  12. hutdoug

    RIP Dan Peek
  13. hutdoug

    Happy Birthday Paul McCartney

    The big 69!
  14. hutdoug

    RIP Andrew Gold
  15. hutdoug

    Rocker II

    Got these at a rummage sale this morning for $60. Looks like luan shells painted gray inside. Looks like 7 0 91 stamped inside bass drum. Three broken lugs on the snare and a lot of cleaning to be done. I know a 12 year old girl these would be perfect for. Came with a 20" Zildjian ride. What is it?
  16. hutdoug

    What is this Zildjian?

    Picked up this 20" ride at a rummage sale this morning with a Ludwig Rocker II kit for $60. The cymbal is quite heavy. It has a very light stamp, solid logo on the underside and these strange hammer marks, not lathed. What is it?
  17. hutdoug

    OT: Speedway Resident DONNY

  18. hutdoug

    Name this Hi-hat

    Just saw this episode today. Look at about 5:40.
  19. hutdoug

    Puppy Swallows Drumstick!!!

    Wow!! Oops! Sorry, just saw it's already been posted.
  20. hutdoug

    Gary Grimes of 1964 The Tribute dies

    Gary Grimes who played Paul in 1964 The Tribute (to the Beatles) has passed away at age 60. I have seen these guys five times and in my opinion are far away...