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  1. DrumLug

    Ludwig natural interior?

    As early as 66' , you could order a clear interior instead of the white painted....
  2. DrumLug

    Added a Black Oyster to the collection

    Nice score ! You joined the OBP club. Hold on to those beauties....You'll be sorry if you let them go....I can kick myself for a few !
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    What Drummers made the bucks and laughed ???

    What Drummers who sat in the seat with a band....Made it big ! Then, laughed as the money rolled in.....? I'll start it off.....Tico Torres {Bon jovi }
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    STYX Dennis De Young Speaks

    What a match..Huh ? It brings to mind...back in the 70's, Motley Crue was playing where we played in in bar in NJ....2 bands {1 hour on - off } A bar fight broke out and Tommy Lee and the rest of the band got their asses kicked !! The stuff they played apparently didn't go over to well in...
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    STYX Dennis De Young Speaks

    Who was the drummer on the ''Babe '' album...And sail away....?
  6. DrumLug

    Buddy on Fibes?

    Now, that's a new one for me ! I never knew he actually played a full set of Fibes. Only the snare was photographed. Nice job on the find K.O. !!
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    If one wants to sell , he will sell cheap ! Unless he has a reserve , or , high opening bid. And hope someone meets that number...That's just the way it is now...Unless the item is rare and bids are flying in to score it.
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    Another Beatles drop-T logo head has surfaced?

    Ringo was a stickler forthe Ludwig logo on his skins... Russ should know , Read this.... Scroll down on the left for the drumhead story.
  9. DrumLug

    Buddy Rich Memories & Video

    Re: Buddy Rich Memories This one is one of the best i've seen.....
  10. DrumLug

    I officially have more Acros than girlfriends!

    Yea...I've seen your girlfriends... :wink:
  11. DrumLug

    Who tapes their gigs,shows, ??

    Or, am i alone here... I enjoy taping the nites gig-show....Then on the ride home,Pop in the tape and listen for overall performance,groove.....or, just re-live the nite in the backseat per se. That's been a learning crutch for years....Anyone?
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    Help!! I've fallen and I can't find the beat!!

    Consider laying off the Mystery Punch... :P :wink:
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    Define Ludwig Super Classic

    Super Classic....
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    Ringo Kit on ebay?

    The legit auction is a friend of mine....The one for a $1300. BIN is a scumbag scammer !
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    YouTube Favorites!

    Jan Hammer----11/8 time
  16. DrumLug

    YouTube Favorites! ... re=related
  17. DrumLug

    Here's a ''cheap'' Ringo Hi-hat !!

    What do you think JP...maybe we were under selling our stands all of this time !
  18. DrumLug

    Here's a ''cheap'' Ringo Hi-hat !!

    Direct from our cordial drum buff buddy ! ... 0301277206 Get the year right, at least....
  19. DrumLug

    DFO T-shirts are available now! - UPDATE!

    Did you hit the quota for the XXL ? If so i'll place an order... What's the total ?
  20. DrumLug

    I couldn't BEAR to buy them from him

    I got a real nasty e-mail reply !!!!