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  1. sillyilly

    Jimmy Cobb 5 note phrase

    A little discussion about the late great Jimmy Cobb, and a phrase of his that I enjoy playing. Recorded on my iPhone.
  2. sillyilly

    Playing all instruments and singing “Crossroads Blues”

    For a bit of fun!
  3. sillyilly

    Drum Cover of "Soul Power", by James Brown

    Hi guys, I'm getting happier with the sound of my new recording setup. Hope you like this one, stay well!
  4. sillyilly


    Here’s my drum cover of this classic tune.
  5. sillyilly

    Gary Husband FREE Videocasts

    GH has two very informative videocasts available for free (any amount donation appreciated) on his website.
  6. sillyilly

    Gary Husband's "City Nights"

    I recently posted about recording a version of "Miles Beyond". At the same session, I had a play through this amazing Gary Husband track, which first appeared on the Allan Holdsworth album "Secrets", from 1989. I got this material in a videocast from
  7. sillyilly

    Miles Beyond

    Recently went into a studio for a play through Mahavishnu’s “Miles Beyond”. Canopus Yaiba Groove kit sounding fat. The track was included in a Track Analysis videocast from Gary Husband’s website, Thanks for watching!
  8. sillyilly

    Glen Peart Tells Farm Equipment About Son Neil, the Parts-Manager Turned Rock Star

    Another interesting story here...
  9. sillyilly

    Vinnie recalls brutal Zappa audition, reveals pay

    Awesome read here...
  10. sillyilly

    Going to NYC for Haynes’ 95th!

    Hey y’all, I got a cheap flight down to NYC from March 19th to 22nd for the purpose of hearing Roy Haynes at the Bluenote. Any other recommendations of things to do in NYC?
  11. sillyilly

    Vinnie Colaiuta “City Nights”

    The only way I can describe this is that it’s like a Jackie Chan roundhouse kick to the face.
  12. sillyilly


    In 2002, I went to Cuba to study percussion. I saw a drummer named Roicel Riveron play with Manolito y Su Trabuco at Casa de la Musica in Havana. Still one of the greatest drumming performances I’ve ever seen. Anyone heard of him? Here’s a clip of Riveron playing in Holland, stellar!
  13. sillyilly

    Donald Forrest Williams

    The former drummer for Big Wreck is starting a video blog. Check it out, like, subscribe, etc.
  14. sillyilly

    Gary Husband videocast

    I purchased and checked out my first one in this series today. Pretty awesome. Anyone else?
  15. sillyilly

    Featured on Canopus Facebook Page!

    Hey guys, I made the front page of Canopus Drums Facebook page today with my tune “LaPlante”. Many of you have already checked it out down in the video section. Would just like to say, thanks a lot!
  16. sillyilly

    Pheeroan akLaff

    He is a friend of mine, lives in Montclair, NJ and teaches percussion at Wesleyan. I wrote to him several days ago, and have not heard back, which is unusual. Does anyone here know him?
  17. sillyilly

    Well You Needn't on Canopus bop kit

    Hi guys, I play in a pretty fun piano trio with a guy named Steve Koven. Artie Roth was on bass. Here's a Monk tune that I love. Sabian 20" HH Duo Ride, 18" B8 crash with big cracks, 13" Zildjian K hats. Canopus Yaiba bop kit, maple, 12, 14, 18 with 5.5 in snare. Great drums! Hope you dig it.
  18. sillyilly

    New Canopus Bop and old Ludwig Supra

    Just received a Yaiba bop kit from Canopus, 8x12, 14x14, 14x18 and a 14x5 wood snare. All the drums are maple, and it's an ebony finish. Also I was cleaning up my Supra 400, date stamped January 9th, 1968. Just wanted to share the pics with you drum lovers!
  19. sillyilly

    “Best Of You” Foo Fighters cover

    This is an original rock band called Beyond The Cage that I play drums with. We play a few covers, and this is one of them: