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  1. TheJay

    Bass Drum Head Design? Round two

    Very many of you have kindly voted in my previous thread and consequently I have tweaked the designs. Please bare with me and let me know your thoughts again. To reiterate, this kit is a combination of hybrid acoustic with dampening and triggers along with Roland pads and real-feel cymbals. It...
  2. TheJay

    Ludwig Accent CS Combo Drum Kit (Value second hand)?

    Hello everyone, I've got an acoustic kit that I want to sell but not sure what to sell it for. I realise this isn't in the sale section and that's because I need advice please. When I looked at everything thrown in, including extra, I thought £300.00 was reasonable. Can you please tell me what...
  3. TheJay

    Bass Drum Head Design?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for your thoughts on two designs. It's a combination of my initials S & H for my personal kit. The texture is from the drum wrap being used, I wanted to incorporate it into the the bass drum head. I'm struggling to decide which design to go for. Some of you have...
  4. TheJay

    Ludwig Accent CS Combo Kit (Need to Replace Hi-Hat Clutch, What is the Rod Size?)

    Hello there, I am having problems with my hi-hat clutch. Specifically, the two nuts for the top cymbal keep coming undone, leaving my hi-hat in the closed position until I tighten them again. This happens extremely frequently. I am interested in getting a hi-hat drop clutch and think that...