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  1. evilw

    A Lot Can Change in 14 years!

    It is hard to imagine now, but in 2001 I ran the auction for this Champagne Sparkle (20,14,12 and snare) Chanute Camco set three times for $900.00 on Ebay without a bid. I finally sold it locally for $700.00. with all original heads, hardware and stands!
  2. evilw


    Hello All, I had recently posted that I was looking for a snare to play with a lone Piper and that I would prefer a Premier Royal Scot. One of the leads lead me to a beautiful drum that needed a couple of cracked lugs replaced. I was soon lucky enough to find an ebay auction for some "Parts...
  3. evilw

    WTB: 12 x 14 Scottish Marching Snare Drum

    Hello All, I need a Scottish snare drum (12 x 14) to play a one time performance of Scotland The Brave with a single Piper. I have been brushing up on my Scottish rudiments and watching countless YouTube performances preparing for my march in January. I have my trusty old Rogers Dynasonic...
  4. evilw

    I Think I Made A Mistake in the late 80s

    I was just going through my storage for the 10th time and it has now become clear to me that my second Oaklawn Camco 9x13 BDP "Oval Badge" tom is gone.... My double bass Camco set came with 2-22s, 16,18 and 2-13s. As you know, identical size rack toms were common in the day, but I had added a...
  5. evilw

    Is this a ROGERS L-Arm? I listed it as Rogers, but?

    I had thought this was a Swivo-Matic, but now I am wondering. Thanks, -EW
  6. evilw

    ROGERS B&B ERA Questions?

    I actually have two questions about the early 1960s ROGERS Drums that I direct to other old timers or Rogers B&B experts: 1. Did many players actually use the very basic "non-Rogers" Hi-Hat featured in this promo photo of Earl Palmer? 2. Did all of these sets come with the Rogers Logo on the...
  7. evilw

    Stella Stevens on Rogers B&Bs!

    This may have been around the block before, but I just saw it on TCM the other night and was thrilled to see such an original set like mine from that era. -EW &feature=player_embedded
  8. evilw

    Proper 1968 LUDWIG Double Tom Holder?

    I was recently given a 1968 Ludwig 22"b.d. and matching 16"ft. in the classic silver sparkle color. They are pristine and have been boxed up in my friend's garage since 1970. The Bass Drum has a center mount plate to accept a tom holder, so I want to buy the "right" tom holder and a mint 13"...
  9. evilw

    Early DW Set

    Another Trip to Storage. This time it is the "Pampered D.W. Set" This set has never been used on a single live gig, and since its purchase in the early 1980s, has only seen Recording Studio work. When famed producer Michael Wagener showed me an invoice from a well known Studio Drum rental...
  10. evilw

    I got on!

    Hello Friends, For some reason, I have been unable to log on for over a year. I have really missed this forum and look forward to catching up with my vintage Camco and Rogers budds .... whew!
  11. evilw

    My Old Chanute Camcos

    I just ran across this old snapshot of my Chanute Champagne Camcos (20. 14. 12. 14) I sold this great set around 2001 for $700.00 with the hardware ... oh well, the buyer was a really nice guy. -EW
  12. evilw

    CAMCO Strainer Repair?

    I recently sold an Oaklawn CAMCO snare on ebay to a collector in Sweden. Although I sold the drum "as is" and disassembled, I received a complaint from the buyer today that the CAMCO Strainer will not "stay up". It remains down and will not hold tension. Are these reparable or does it need to be...
  13. evilw

    Don't Mess With The Drums!!
  14. evilw

    ORANGE (CHAPELLE) London HI-Hat on Ebay (SOLD!)
  15. evilw

    SLINGERLAND Radio King Minutia Question

    When I recently became the proud owner of a 1954 era Radio King Snare, it had only 8 old-style tension rods on the top and 8 moderns on the bottom. As I begin my hunt for 8 more old-style, I want to confirm that the example I have is correct. They have small square heads and a total length of...
  16. evilw

    Did Paiste Ever Drill 1 Hole in a 14" Cymbal?

    I know, it is a strange question, but I just found an old Paiste "Ludwig" 14"cymbal in a shed and it has a small hole (1/8") drilled about a half inch in from the outer edge. Could this have been to release air on HI-HATS, or just someone excited with a drill? Thanks, -EW
  17. evilw

    CAMCO Oaklawn Aristocrat 5 x 14 Snare on EBAY! (SOLD!)

    There she blows ... My link
  18. evilw

    1963 LUDWIG Blue and Silver DUCO Snare Drum 5x14 On Ebay (SOLD!)

    I just put another Snare on the Bay! 1963 Ludwig DUCO Snare -EW
  19. evilw

    Vintage SLINGERLAND 4"x14" (6-tube lug) Snare Drum 1940s? (SOLD $100.00!)

    I have put the drum on Ebay. -EW
  20. evilw

    1940s N.O.B. 4 x 14 Slingerland Snare

    I had posted a photo of this old Slingerland Snare before and now I am ready to part with it. The sad part is that the parts may be greater than the whole! I am philosophically against parting it out, so I am looking for counseling. It is a N.O.B., 6-tube lug with a nice 3-point strainer. I...