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    A band mate shared a video of us playing a cover at a backyard casual last summer. Well, in the video she shared with me I broke a stick and had to grab another. I remember at the time it happened just feeling a sense of panic, like I’d totally lost the beat. But in the video I think I just toss...
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    Can Any Zildjmaster ID this Naked K Model?

    Can anyone school me as to the model or series of this 20” K flat ride? There is no ink. The laser stamp dates it to 1997. Weight is about 2100 g. Rivet hole drilling is a wee rough, so perhaps after market. Hammering is small circles. Your knowledge or estimate is appreciated.
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    The child in question is my son. I want to get him started, but must acknowledge my attempts with him relating to rudiments, etc., have failed. He’s five. He will be homeschooled for at least the first part of the school year due to Covid shutdown here. He has showed interest in kit...
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    Used Tama The Classic HP50 Pedal

    I know they are only $100 new but wondering if anyone has one you want to sell.
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    Falling in love again with my Sonors, which became sidelined for a few years after I got my new Classic Maples. They’d been in exile in an old bandmate’a basement, but I picked them up today: Force 3K kit in Scandi birch with matching snare. I want to say from the late 80’s or early...
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    Show Us Your Rides

    If you have more than one, let’s see them. (And if you have only one, The One, I envy you.) I got some stands and put them around my practice pad kit to compare my rides sonically next to each other. Something I’ve never done. First off, I was surprised I have six. In this setting: No drums, no...
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    Seeking Flat or Smaller Bell Ride Suggestion, but Not for Jazz

    Ever the optimist, I’m looking ahead to that new, golden, shining era where I rehearse with my cover and original bands again. These practices are often close and lower volume. The last thing one needs in a garage built for a Model T is a cymbal that washes out vocal and guitar chords. I’ve been...
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    Bad Response to a Sales Query?

    I've had plenty of people given insufficient responses but it's usually because they don't know the answer, but at least they try. Perfect example if you ask somebody how much a cymbal weighs and they aren't enough of a drum geek to understand the significance of that, so they weigh it and...
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    As background, for some reason I struggle with transferring something I’ve practiced on a pad to a real drum. Something about feel and rebound throws me off in the transition. So with that foible confessed, I’m looking for some advice on the best way to approach improving myself just using a...
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    Anyone have an opinion of the Gibralter G Class Direct Drive Pedal?

    Does anyone have any experience with the Gibralter G Class Direct Drive Single Pedal? I know a lot of you like the Tama Dynasync and Yamaha FP9D, but I’m wondering if anybody has some foot time with the Gibralter and your opinion.
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    Alternative Live Onstage Drumset Position?

    I bet most of us set up for live shows traditionally Center Stage or Upstage Center. And then of course on those cramped tiny bar stages or patio casuals, etc., just crammed into the middle, period. I’m wondering if any of you have experience setting up at a gig with drums placed somewhere...
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    Great Snare with a Fatal Flaw

    I was looking for a 6.5 Classic Maple snare to round out my Ludwigs of similar depth and girth: An aged Pioneer and a youthful Black Beauty. Lots of Classics out there, but in addition to wanting one in good shape, I needed: (1) a muffler; (2) long bow tie lugs; (3) a color that didn’t clash too...
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    Do You Get Gassy When You Don’t Get to Play?

    I’ve noticed that when I get to play with other musicians I don’t think so much about gear. I don’t think too hard about buying drums or cymbals. I just play what I have. (Or think about selling what I don’t use.) When I’m playing out, I’m more focused on learning the songs, getting the feel...
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    I think some of you brothers and sisters are living in areas that are opening up businesses, etc., and others are not. I’m curious about details of your upcoming gigs, if any, and if not, why not. I’m asking this not to prompt any political discussion here, nor am I making any judgement about...
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    Switching Ludwig short bow tie lugs to long bow tie lugs.

    Does anyone know if the large Ludwig bow tie lugs (P2239C) will fit on a newer 6.5 Classic Maple snare and replace the short bow tie stock lugs without any drilling? I’m thinking of making the switch as I feel the short bow ties look odd on the 6.5. Superficial of me, I know. Also, if the long...
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    Opinions on 1980’s and 1990’s Ludwig Maple Snares?

    I’ve owned or played Ludwig wood snares from the 60’s, 70’s and newer, but not only sat out the late 80’s through late 90’s as a player but have never laid sticks on an 80’s or 90’s Ludwig maple snare. Metal, I’ve played; wood I have not. I realize this was the era of the Rising Sun in...
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    Would 15” K Light and 14” K Custom Dark hats be too close sonically?

    Friends, Romans, Enablers: I have a wonderful pair of 15 K Light hats I enjoy gigging with (2 different bands—Medium rock covers and acoustic/electric driven originals.) I am thinking of getting a pair of 14 K Custom Darks. I am wondering if any of you who are familiar with both can tell...
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    What Is Your Most Played Snare and Why?

    Notice I did not ask your favorite, or most valuable, or most collectable, or the one most likely to wow your forum mates, or even your best sounding snare drum. I'm asking what is the snare you play the most, and why? In other words, no Case Queens. Maybe it's your cheapest snare because you...
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    Writing and engraving under Sabian HH RBDR?

    Reaching out to anyone who knows and can educate me about the engraving and cursive writing (signature?) on this HH Raw Bell Dry Ride. I include photos of each orientation as I can’t tell which is right side up for the inked section. I’m also interested in the era of this cymbal. (My first...
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    Bass Drum Front Head Art

    After a lot of searching I just got a new bass reso head, and I am clearly pleased. I play in several bands and occasional side projects, so I didn’t want a band logo. My kit is not vintage, so I felt fine not having a logo. It had to be a rose. My daughter’s name is Rose, as were my...