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  1. Bongo Congo

    Kit to sell,Kit to keep?

    I'm sure there are a lot of people who would be interested in the 12/14/16/20 in Psych Red. Me included.
  2. Bongo Congo

    Zildjian Impulse 20 ride vs Paiste 502 20" Ride

    I played an Impulse 20" for years in a hard rock band. Great cymbal... and I could have had any other one I wanted, too.
  3. Bongo Congo

    Any DFOers in Painesville, Ohio?

    Nice drums. Have you contacted the seller for an international shipping quote? The text of the listing suggests that shipping is possible, although expensive. Or you may be able to have them forwarded by a member who can arrange shipping to a US address. Talk to the seller!
  4. Bongo Congo

    OT Rant

    Craigslist is the one continuingly joyous venture in my existence. Next to getting root canals.
  5. Bongo Congo

    21 Years Ago Today, We Lost One Of The Kings

    Has it been so long? My gosh. I keep a picture of Jeff hanging in my music room, where it can inspire me every day! There's still a vaccum perceptible in the music world, Nobody has quite filled it yet.
  6. Bongo Congo

    OT Lil' Fella

    Wishing all the best for everyone. I truly believe the little guy will be fine.
  7. Bongo Congo

    Is it just me or...?

    heh he heh kind of a "ticker tape" look. I'm guilty of overusing ("ellipsis") periods myself, so I can't fault the guy. It's meant to "draw the eye" along to the next (independent) statement with a thoughtful pause. Ending a sentence with a string of ellipsis (called aposiopesis) is also a lazy...
  8. Bongo Congo

    OT: Well, the last of the five kittens are gone :-(

    :salute: ya done good!
  9. Bongo Congo

    Stacking drums. Any problems.

    eet eez alrigh' mon ami
  10. Bongo Congo


    "Nothing in life has any business being perfect." ~ Salvador Dali
  11. Bongo Congo

    Floating drums via the opposing forces of magnets! Max Suatain! Mapex wants a prototype from me. Wat

    Last I heard, it was sitting on the back of a giant turtle.
  12. Bongo Congo

    Calling Tommy Wells.....Detroit/Memphis Experience

    Flawless! Killer! Great!
  13. Bongo Congo

    Ability and Limitations ...

    You weren't exaggerating (not that you usually do).... that truly is a rock and a hard place to be caught between. Stickinthemud's advice is better than anything I could come up with. If he has any family that he connects with, perhaps they could "divert" him with other interests and...
  14. Bongo Congo

    Bought a Pork Pie set

    Greg, those are beauties! Are you still keeping your Tour Customs? What happened to those? I don't know which I like better, the natural maple Pies or the black lacquer Tour Custom series... :-D
  15. Bongo Congo

    Ability and Limitations ...

    Benny, I wish this post wasn't so cryptic. Can you not explain in a bit more detail the way in which you feel your friend is attempting to overreach his limitations? What are limitations, really? Are they absolutes? Do you feel he simply cannot ever do this thing ~ whatever it is ~ that he wants...
  16. Bongo Congo

    Floating drums via the opposing forces of magnets! Max Suatain! Mapex wants a prototype from me. Wat

    He had a working prototype... but then somebody left the lab window open one night. We think it's at the North Pole.
  17. Bongo Congo

    OT – Bit of an off on my mountain bike…

    And the reason I don't wrestle bears.
  18. Bongo Congo

    First Drum Recordings Using Mackie Blackbird FW Interface

    Yes, good-sounding recording. Are you compressing it any, overall? I find the toms to be maybe a little muddy. Anybody else feel that way?
  19. Bongo Congo

    CL sigh

    It's my dream kit! I gotta get better sleep.
  20. Bongo Congo

    weird way of measuring drums

    Huh. So did Tama, one year.