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  1. bzzfkt

    So, the Ringo auction started today...

    Did anyone make a play for anything? I collect lamps and chairs as well as drums and thought these first few hundred lots looked cool (but have absolutely no $$$ to make anything happen). Edit: Just cruising the auction site and saw the #1 kit is at $575k as of 12am 12/4...
  2. bzzfkt

    Does anyone collect vintage center lug drums?

    I have a '65 Clubdate bass that I gig with regularly, but I've never finished out the kit. I thought it might be cool to have a clubbie, stageband, and a tower kit. I may have to get started looking for deals :-) Do any of you have a collection like this? Also, did Gretsch have a center lug...
  3. bzzfkt

    Buddy Rich drum set chronology?

    I recently watched a Buddy doc (the one Mel Torme narrated) and was struck by how many kits Buddy played. I always new he bounced around different companies, but it seems like he did so with regularity. There were a couple of surprising kits too. I didn't know he ever played a COW Slingy, but...
  4. bzzfkt

    Blaemire snares. How many of 'em are out there?

    Blaemires have always intrigued me. Especially the natural finished ones. I keep my eyes open for 'em to come up for sale, but it seems like I usually see toms, sometimes BD's.... Hardly ever snares. I could just be missing something I suppose.... Who's got a Blaemire snare? Do you gig it...
  5. bzzfkt

    WTB Fullerton Rogers 24" and 16"

    Just putting the feelers out there.... I have 12" and 13" Powertone toms recovered in black (no mounting hardware). I'd like to find a 24 bass and 16 FT to go with em... Players grade preferred. I wouldn't be opposed to a rewrap, but obviously don't want to mess with an original drum...
  6. bzzfkt

    Who's playing a 15" snare?

    I've always wanted to hit a 15" snare since I saw a 4x15 Kenny Aronoff Tama in a catalog. Now with Ludwig having the Supralite and Black Magic 15's my curiosity is once again piqued... I switched to 15" hats a while back and I feel like it would just be "right" to check out a 15" snare...
  7. bzzfkt

    I'm BAAAACK!

    Hi Friends! It's been a long time since I've been here on the forum. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with my drum brothers. Also, last year I bought my first house, complete with a drum room with a big closet I feel like I need to fill up with snare drums. :-) It's good to be back!
  8. bzzfkt

    20 years after "Nevermind"

    Nevermind really did change alot for me. i was only 8 or 9 when it came out but i'd been playin music for a few years already. Weird Al really made an impression too tho...haha LOVE IT!!!
  9. bzzfkt

    Share your experiences with 602's

    not having much luck searching this forum (or CH) for threads on 602's... i recently heard a recording (of drum brother Drumstix7a's low brass band) on which he was playin' some.... they sounded really great and i'm really wanting to find some pies that record well... from the research i've...
  10. bzzfkt

    real ALL WOOD drum set...

    My link :lol: :lol: :lol: i wonder what this guy thinks other drum sets are made of..... :blackeye:
  11. bzzfkt

    OT- Funny coincidence....

    just passed 1000 posts today. when i noticed that i looked and saw that tomorrow marks 3 years of me being a member here... i'ma see how long i can keep this going.... i should hit 2000 posts july 31, 2014! ha!
  12. bzzfkt

    Did anyone catch the recent John Weathers interview in Drumhead?

    There was a rather lengthy interview with John in a recent Drumhead issue (the one with Mike Mangini (sp?) on the cover). I couldn't find an online version. Real cool and worth a read. There's not alot of info out there on him.
  13. bzzfkt

    OT: Charles Manson is getting a star on the Walk of Fame

    Check this out.... ya know, i play "look at your game girl" at some of my solo acoustic gigs, and i was in a band that played "never learn not to love", but this is just plain screwy if you ask me... manson's "contribution to music" just doesn't seem THAT significant.... i know we've got some...
  14. bzzfkt

    Slightly OT-1950 Fender Broadcaster on EBay

    Broadcaster someone snap up a Gladstone kit and let's start a band...
  15. bzzfkt

    Custom Classic Drums...

    just came across these on the bay. never heard of 'em before. a little 18, 12, 14 kit w/ snare can be had for $369 shipped. could be worth checkin' out...
  16. bzzfkt

    Ugly Del Ray snare drum... just saw this on the bay... never seen this wrap before!
  17. bzzfkt

    another awesome CL pic

    i'm gonna try setting my drums up like this...
  18. bzzfkt

    This is kinda cool... you guys think it will fetch that kind of $$$????? i don't watch the rogers auctions closely, but i don't think i've ever seen another one for sale...
  19. bzzfkt

    anyone ever match vintage BDP with new?

    a friend of mine scored some old luddy BDP toms. i've got an old BD that's a good rewrap candidate. i've been lookin the obvious places (precision, jammin sam), but the pics are all a bit different, probably because of lighting. some pics look more grey, some more blue... the wrap on these...
  20. bzzfkt

    Any fans of The Guess Who?

    I borrowed my dad's car recently and jammed his guess who greatest hits disc... it's about all i've listened to since! who was their drummer? i'm lovin it! i've heard most of those songs, but all on one disc it's just over the top!