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  1. leray1

    Ludwig Trap Set?

    What do we have here? Seller says Ludwig, make offer. What say you?
  2. leray1

    Slingerland Bass Info

    Looking for info on this bass. It's late 50s, 22x12, the hardware has been spray painted. Anyone know what it's made of, how many plies, is this the original finish, etc.?
  3. leray1

    Cymbal ID - Help Please

    Zildjian Avedis 18" weighing in at 1738g - what is it? 20170709_161831 by leray1, on Flickr 20170709_161843 by leray1, on Flickr 20170709_161906 by leray1, on Flickr Thanks!
  4. leray1

    Ludwig Blue Oyster Bowling Ball Price Check

    I've been out of the loop for a while. What are these worth (best to worst)? One of the serial numbers is 1926929. Ludwig BO GrOl by leray1, on Flickr
  5. leray1

    Vintage Rogers Marching Bass - Help

    Can anyone give me more information on this drum, especially its value? It's described as a 29" with original Rogers All Weather Heads from 50's or 60's. Looks to be in good shape. What do you think?
  6. leray1

    1920's Ludwig on CL

    Only $100, worth it?
  7. leray1

    Mahogany Veneer

    Is there anywhere I can get a sheet of flat sawn mahogany veneer for one drum - a 15X16 FT? I figure I need a sheet about 4.5 - 5.0ft long and ~15" wide. The cheaper, the better since this will be just to cover up some fonky lauan.
  8. leray1

    $100K ?!!!!!

    What the...
  9. leray1

    Sam Fogarino

    the quintessential "in the pocket" drummer. Anyone else a fan? brilliance begins around 1:35...
  10. leray1

    Ring, Cicada

    This is just great music. RIYL, RUSH.
  11. leray1

    I hope a life was saved

    when this drum was shot.
  12. leray1

    Gotta Love/Hate CL "I have an old guitar for sale. I am not sure what it is worth because I know nothing about guitars. Any and all offers over $100 accepted.I can't take less than $100 though. Thank you, Mrs. Eleina" Probably a scam or a cruel joke...
  13. leray1

    My '65 Gibson F25 - Folksinger

    Scored this odd little beauty off CL yesterday and I'm in love. It's in great shape for its age - some checking and a few nicks and scratches, but no cracks or repairs and the action is great. It's just going to take a while to get used to the wide neck. But this thing sounds beautiful.
  14. leray1

    Talk Me Out Of This

    Or get it before me.
  15. leray1

    Luddy DEAL

    Rounded B/O Kit issues: riveted wraps and a cracked bass hoop.
  16. leray1

    I think I'm listening to my new favorite album Check out the second track. The lead vocals will take some getting used to, but the harmonies are excellent. As is everything else.
  17. leray1

    Dish Detergent as Rust Remover Believer

    I, like most of you, have a bag of tension rods and washers that I considered too rusty to spend the time to clean. In a pinch, yes, but... Many of you have preached about the dish detergent and water trick, but I never thought to try it. So I tried and it worked really, really well. I put...
  18. leray1

    Another Trans-Stamp Avedis

    Give me your thoughts on this Zildjian Avedis 18" Ride - 1601g. I'm looking for an approximate year and its value. Thanks. Soundfile:
  19. leray1

    Someone Else's Score

    I had to post this here. I don't think I've seen one in such great condition.
  20. leray1

    Happy Mardi Gras DFO!

    Quintessential Mardi Gras Music :New_Orleans_Saints: :New_Orleans_Saints: :New_Orleans_Saints: :New_Orleans_Saints: :New_Orleans_Saints: