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    Craig Lauritsen 20 (Elvin) and 19 HSB ride pair ($750.00 shipped) (These are SOLD)

    I have a couple of Lauritsens for sale. 20 elvin 1868 g drilled for 3 rivits by Craig. Sounds wonderful with or without them. 450.00 19 HSB ride 1809g . Great stick click definition and crash. It was picked by Craig to go with the 20. 400.00 I bought these as a pair a while back here on the...
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    SOLD Gretsch USA. 130th Anniversary ( Prototype) # 1 Jazz Kit ( Price Drop)

    Gretsch USA. 130th Anniversary ( Prototype) #1 Drum Set. White satin flame . This set is a prototype purchased from Pro Drum Shop in L.A. after being used as demo at NAMM SHOW. Excellent shape. Some scratching on 8x12 on one panel only where snare rubbed it.Can,t be seen when set up. There...
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    14" K Zildjian Session Model Steve Gadd Model

    Exc shape 14 hats 200 shipped lower 48
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    Ludwig 5 x 14 Raw Brass SOLD

    I have a like new 5 x14 raw brass here. Barely used. This came from memphis drum shop and was gigged a few times and traded to me. All original except top head. The owner drew little numbers on the original head like the tuning guide on dw heads so i replaced it. $450.00 shipped lower 48...
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    Gretsch 20 wood hoops needed [pair]

    Hello I need a nice pair of Gretsch 20' bass drum hoops. From round badge era if possible. May consider others or later. Inlay or lack of, not important. Let me know. Thanks, Jim
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    Rodgers 70,s ? drum set info?

    Hello I am wondering about the value of a 5 piece Rogers set. I am thinking they are from early 70,s a little before the big R sets came out. Has swivomatic tom holder and mounts. 12,13,16,22 standard sizes and black wrap. Chrome snare. It has the speckled fiberboard or fiberglass or whatever...
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    Bosphorus 20 traditional china $140 shipped

    New Bosphorus 20 china 1662 g $140 shipped
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    -Radio King, George Way, Pearl free floater,Canopus snares

    Hello All I'm am selling a few snare drums. Not interested in trades at this time. Includes shipping to lower 48 Radio King Nashville 5x14 natural maple finish 5x14 all original except wires and heads. Brass hoops. $650.00 shipped -SOLD George Way 6 1/2x14 black maple 325.00 shipped-SOLD Pearl...
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    K con 22 med thin low, (sold)k 20 pre aged dry light ride For Sale

    I got 1 nice zildjian left for sale. The 20 is sold. 22 K con med thin low 350.00 shipped. Logos all there, Nice shape no issues. Paypal sorry no sound file. no trades Thanks,Jim
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    Ludwig Jazz Combo 3x13 snare .Value,sound,questions?

    My friend has a Ludwig "jazz combo" 3x13 model 905d. It is slightly faded blue sparkle. He,s owned it since 62 or 63. Hes a guitarist and hasn,t played it since he was a kid he says.Looks to be in good shape.In round ,good edges,no rust,etc. Wires are bent and it would need new heads. I can,t...
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    Ludwig 70,s clear interior with re/rings ?

    Do the ludwig clear interiors 70,s drum with re/wings have 3 ply shell or do some have 6 ply? I assumed they were all 3 ply. About what years did they go to heavier curved bass drum spurs? Thanks in advance.
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    Craiglist scammer?

    i got a drumset for sale on craiglist and i got this reply. Really feels kinda scammy to me.It appers he is local in the first email. Then he he,s got cashiers checks and someone coming by for local pick up in the second Heres the first email. My wife had a baby few hours ago...
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    Canopus 6 i/2 x 14 snare

    I have this nice canopus 6 1/2 X14 snare for sale. Oil finish. model 1465. In great shape. All original except heads and snare wires. 375.00 shipped
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    question about ludwig badge

    Is this drum a s/l series,rocker or classic? It,s got the black colored badges. This was on craigslist and i saw the classic lugs supposed to be 70,s I think it,s not classic series.
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    cleaning black beauty shell ?

    I was wondering does any body know something for cleaning(and polishing) a black beauty shell? Its a more modern drum with some grunge and film on it.Just got this and it,s dirty. Its got some engraving. The rims have some serious film on em too but those are easy. Im guessing some things work...
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    Ludwig fold out spurs to short

    I have 2 60,s ludwig sets that have i think the original fold out spurs and they are not long enough to elevate the front hoop off the floor. The mounts look to be in the original position. How can this be? Anybody else seen this before? Is there any other spurs that fit that would lift it up...
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    Video Recorders For Music

    Can someone recommend video recorder with great sound for recording bands, drums,cymbals,music etc? I would love to get one that didn,t need external mic,s to get a good sound.I,ve seen a lots of cymbal demo video,s where the cymbals just roar and distort and don,t sound natural at all. Some...
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    hello from new member

    Hello everyone. I am Jim and i just joined the forum today. I,ve been looking in for a long time and decided it was time to join in. I,ve been playing for over 30 years. I love jazz,blues,soul,rock and any good music really. I play a lot of gigs and still love it like i did when i started. I...