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  1. Peterk256

    Best Concert You’ve Seen ???

    The Allman Brothers in 1971 at the Scheafer Music Festival in Central Park. Duane Allman and Berry Oakley were still alive. Totally blew me away.
  2. Peterk256

    Slight Drum Stick Rant; Customer and Quality

    Similarly, some drummers play the snare (left hand) using the butt end such as Hal Blaine and Steve Ferrone. Balance goes out the window. I used to do that but stopped because I thought is was "bad technique". Guess it isn't.
  3. Peterk256

    Would you get your first kit back?

    1966 Ludwig Downbeat with matching Jazz Festival in black diamond pearl, purchased by my parents in 1968. They looked awesome but never sounded great. I did know about matching each lug and getting the batter and reso equal, even as a beginner. The snare sounded horribly boxy, I may have tried...
  4. Peterk256

    OT rant, what's yours?

    Emojis, not emogis. I could go on...
  5. Peterk256

    OT rant, what's yours?

    <begin rant> The auction site is eBay. NOT Ebay, E-bay, or eBAY. 15 dollars is represented as $15, not 15$. There is no such word as alot or allot. It is a lot (two words). In the English language there is no space before an exclamation mark! There is no apostrophe before the letter s for...
  6. Peterk256

    Odd Bpm tempo numbers feel, well, odd...

    FWIW - out of 111 songs in my band's repertoire, 53 of them (48%) have official BPMs that are odd numbers. Sounds like it's a crap shoot if the original BPM is odd or even. Yeah, I keep a spreadsheet with this stuff.
  7. Peterk256

    Cover Tunes and original tempo (too slow?)

    I look up the original BPM on and compare it to my liveBPM app readings during rehearsal. If there is a big discrepancy or a disagreement on tempo I discuss it with my band mates. If we decide it should be a different tempo than the original at least we have some basis of an...
  8. Peterk256

    One of Rock's Greatest Albums Dropped 50 Years Ago (July 25, 1970)

    I saw Aronoff backing Fogerty at the Hollywood Bowl a few years ago. He overplayed way too much for my tastes. Fogerty seemed to like it, he made some sort of comment about how he loves the way this guy pushes him. Go figure.
  9. Peterk256

    1920s Ludwig snare. Best throw off upgrade?

    The existing strainer is attached somewhere, isn't it? Attach it there.
  10. Peterk256

    1920s Ludwig snare. Best throw off upgrade?

    Make an adapter plate, then use whatever you want for a strainer.
  11. Peterk256

    Mint 1967 Ludwig Silver Sparkle Pioneer Dead Stock?

    Does it still have that glue/paint smell?
  12. Peterk256

    WFL Supreme 14x5.5 Snare beds are off?

    Unless you got this for a crazy low price, I would try to return it. Beds from this era are indeed deep but they should be aligned correctly. The workmanship on WFL drums were generally very good. I have a few WFL, Trans-badge, and early 60s KB snares and the beds are all centered, albeit deep...
  13. Peterk256

    INDE BR3 tom mount vs. Ludwig Atlas

    I found the tuning on my 2019 Classic Maple tom would change when hanging from the ATLAS mount. It also choked. I removed it and use a snare stand, huge improvement. The BR2 works well when I've used them on several Ludwig 3-ply toms, haven't tried a BR3 but I imagine it would work better than...
  14. Peterk256

    FOUND: One Ludwig lug screw with cup washer for Supraphonic/Acrolite

    Can anyone spare one lug screw with cup washer for a Supraphonic/Acrolite? Thanks!
  15. Peterk256

    Scored a KB Supraphonic LM400 for $30 at an antique store!

    No other drum stuff. It's a typical large antique mall. I'm on a 7-week vacation in a town that has many antique malls (had to dodge the triple-digit heat of Phoenix). This is my second visit to this store, have purchased a variety of odds and ends for collecting and flipping ranging from a late...
  16. Peterk256

    Scored a KB Supraphonic LM400 for $30 at an antique store!

    Luck has finally shined upon me. Picked up this beauty in the rough for $30 while I was shopping out of town in an antique store. S/N is 446396 so it's likely from 1967. Has some pitting but not the worst. P83 is bent, will probably need to replace. Batter hoop is cracked at one hole and will...
  17. Peterk256

    Snares with hard to turn tension rods

    When the tension rods seize, this is likely due to a phenomena called "galling".
  18. Peterk256

    What Is Pocket?

    It's just enough consistent deviation from a strict grid to give music an "attitude" and make it feel good.