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  1. Rudy Corona

    Need Gretsch Renown Maple 12” Tom

    Looking for the above, needs to be Autumn Burst finish, from the older series which had the die-cast hoops. 9/12 or 8/12, wanted to complete a set. If anyone has one they want to sell message me ready to buy. Thanks Rudy
  2. Rudy Corona

    Gretsch Renown Maple Autumn Burst

    I'm selling my beloved Gretsch Renown drums which I no longer use. Set is 5-6 years old, I am the original owner. Gigged very lightly, they are in EXCELLENT shape, could probably pass for new. 22 and 20" bass drums, the 20 has a pro installed tom holder, 22 is virgin. 10, 12 14, 16 toms and a...
  3. Rudy Corona

    Trigger Finger

    Does anyone have any knowledge of this condition? I have been doing some web research, and apparently, I have it. A few weeks back, I noticed strange pain / stiffness in my left thumb. I then began to feel a sort of "click" when bending the first joint, it's sort of "felt" not heard if you will...
  4. Rudy Corona

    Gretsch Renown Gig Report

    About a year and a half back, I picked up a "Euro" configuration Renown Maple kit--22/10/12/14 w/legs, 5/14 snare. 1000 bucks brand new. Very nice, great sounding/looking, tune good, feel good. I used them on some rock gigs---nothing to complain about, I'm sold. Anyway, since I do a fair amount...
  5. Rudy Corona

    Taye Drums--What do we think?

    They make a sweet looking "trad" bop kit w/snare--Studio Maple Series, streets for about 1G. Seen a couple on the bay. I'm not really in the market, just curious. Anyone have any experience with them?
  6. Rudy Corona

    DFO Gretsch Dealers

    I know we have a few dealers around the ranch. I may be adding a drum or two to my Gretsch Renown Maple set-----anybody know anything? BTW, the kit is the current series in the Autumn Burst finish.
  7. Rudy Corona

    Despite all the Dire News about "Mom & Pops"

    Russo's Music of Trenton- one of Jersey's absolute best independent music stores-has opened a second store---IN ASBURY PARK! I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted it last week. I stopped in, naturally, and I must say they did a super hip job of converting a basement location right on Cookman...
  8. Rudy Corona

    Sonor Force 3007 Jungle Kit---Huge Fun

    I picked one of these kits up at a half price blowout at Sam Ash a couple years back. Just the bass/toms, no snare. Idea was to use them at my bop gigs, which has worked out fine. My other kit is a Gretsch Renown 22/10/12/14 "fusion" setup, which is obviously very nice. Here's the thing, though...
  9. Rudy Corona

    Sad news for NJ music folks

    Frank Wallace, owner of the legendary (and much missed) Wallace's Tavern, has passed away at 81. Wallace's was a cornerstone of live rock, jazz and blues in North Jersey for many years. I can't begin to count how many gigs that I played in the place. I saw people like Billy Hart and John...
  10. Rudy Corona

    So....What do we think about Pork Pie drums?

    Just curious. They be lookin' pretty badass on their website.