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  1. cozy4ever

    Rubber Mutes

    Hi, anybody got any old rubber mutes in big sizes? They cost a fortune new & are sold in these bundle packs that are all the wrong amount and sizes for my kit. Thanks for reading!
  2. cozy4ever

    might have finally locked down that Slingerland monster tom I have been hunting

    I found a great site where they had a super HTF Slingerland marcher available at a great price! (I will convert it into a ft myself) If it is still available tomorrow and I lock it down, I will show you guys the pics of it. Matte white finish, big silver lugs, nice newish heads that I won't have...
  3. cozy4ever

    Gong Drums

    Does anyone have one of these in your kit, & if so what do you think? What is the sound like (in your opinion I mean, obvs. I can look on Youtube and all that)? Do you play it on the floor with a kick pedal or have you rigged it up like a great big tom? Got any videos of you playing around with...
  4. cozy4ever

    Slingerland FT 16 or 18, black or white finish (dull white not Marine Pearl)

    no luck on Ebay lately
  5. cozy4ever

    Any octoban players here?

    Hard rock, prog, jazz, world, doesn't matter...anyone tried these & still enjoying them? I have been thinking of trying to find a used low pitch set.
  6. cozy4ever

    stainless steel 26 kicks, stainless steel toms any sizes

    Have been trying to put together a vintage steel kit for a while now & having lots of trouble finding these...I know they are very rare but the ones I have found have been the wrong sizes and they cost an insane fortune. The new ones that are made in limited editions don't sound as good as vtg...