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    18 14 12 14 kits... Snare tuning question

    ^ The sound, the ideas ... so great. Thx for posting.
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    What genre do you mostly play?

    Original tunes by my “jazz” septet. Mostly ballads in an “Ellington on acid/nightmare soundtrack” vibe. I’ll post some recent stuff down the thread.
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    18 14 12 14 kits... Snare tuning question

    I generally go snare just a tad higher. That said, now I usually go 18-13-16, so I can get the toms tuned up tight and not be too high pitched.
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    Finally, The 10 Best Drum Brands of 2020!

    Yea!!! My brand won!!! (Sure, I play a set from 1982 and the shells and hardware of which have zero in common with any current offerings, and anyone who played those drums when new are so arthritic that they can't even hold a drum stick, let alone play a convincing five-stroke roll, but still...
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    15” Istanbul Agop Xist Hi Hats Brilliant

    Look real nice. I’ve heard people say these sound a lot like nice vintage A’s. Is that a fair comparison? Perfect weights, IMO. GLWS.
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    Slingerland be-bop

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    Best clip on tom Mics

    I like the e604’s as much as any mic I’ve used in my studio for toms and snare. The have a surprisingly full, punchy sound. I’d give them a hearty thumbs up for studio use.
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    Worst kit you've owned

    Pearl free floating brass piccolo. Hit it harder than a whisper and my eyeballs hurt. Quality drum but holy crap was it loud and piercing. Early 90’s Pearl 22-12-13-16 maple (MLX?). Again, very high quality drums but they sounded like I had the reverb and sustain turned up to 10. They just...
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    I built my first cast bronze snare!

    Holy cow, it’s gorgeous. Haha. Yes, it would excellent sitting on the mantle.
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    Wet Dry guitar amps… wow

    Very interesting! I can imagine that this would sound excellent.
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    You have to pay to talk to me

    I reread the thread and I didn’t see anyone say or imply that. The OP and others have said that just saying no to the interview is a perfectly reasonable response. A lot have said that $500 seems high. Maybe I missed it.
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    24" Ride Cymbal

    I’ve gone through a handful of 24” old A’s over the last decade or so, generally very thin ones. They have all SOUNDED great, but I never liked the ergonomics of a 24. Until now. A year or so back I got an extremely thin one (25xx g) that started to use more and now it’s my go-to main ride...
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    Floor tom with no legs? UPDATE SEPT 18, 2020

    What a tool! It’s a floor tom and the legs are in the photo!!!
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    Pingier, less washy Zildjian ride - which should I buy?

    Quieter: 22” Left Side Ride Louder: 22” Earth Ride
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    FOR SALE: Vintage 1960s Whitehall 12/14/20 Drum Set in Tigers Eye Pearl

    I had a set exactly like that growing up! I loved those things.
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    Mark Giuliana Switches to Zildjian

    When you cut a bunch of holes in, or and put a bunch of trinkets on, a cymbal, the actual sound of the cymbal gets less and less important. So, put some holes in and some seashells on the new Kerope protos and they'll sound ... about the same. That said, the Sabians in this vid sound perfect...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Nice. A good SCDR played with a sensitive touch is a real thing of beauty.
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    Cymbal Mistery - help me!

    Tough one, but that bottom hammering looks EXACTLY like an old Wuhan crash I had. My wild guess, China.
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    Seriously considering moving to Dream Bliss

    Haha! Bass guitar, bassoon - no musical note. Try saying that on "HeyIPlayBassoon!.com". I like those cymbals (and bass and bassoon.)
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    To All the Cymbals I’ve Loved Before...

    The ones that I miss the most: 20” Skiba - completely reworked Mehmet. Just a really nice jazz ride. Sounded like a very good old K. 22” Agop Vezir - sounded too much like my fav 22” old K, I said. And that’s a bad thing? 20” Spizz (Asian alloy) - same exact pitch as aforementioned K...