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  1. nmosko

    How much does a bass drum mount actually change the sound?

    Hey guys! Just wondering if anybody could give me some advice on this… I’ve never seen an A B study with two identical bass drums with identical heads and muffling where the only difference was the Tom mount… Is there a big change in the sound of a kick drum with a Tom out on it versus one with...
  2. nmosko

    Gretsch cut a ton of broadkaster sizes?

    What gives on this? I went to check out the drums as I was considering some add-ones. The sizes are now very limited. The kicks and toms (a couple exceptions) only come in one depth now. i know that Gretsch cuts the depths and add edges themselves at the factory in South Carolina. So it’s not...
  3. nmosko

    Complete newbie to electronic drums. Start up help?

    Hey everyone! Been an acoustic guy for close to 2 decades but I’ve really started to become interested in electronic drums. Basically, I just want to know if my line of thinking here is correct. In order to trigger my acoustic set I would need to do the following: -purchase 4 triggers (ddrum...
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    The air grommets I find seem to be too long. Anybody have one?
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    Here’s some photos!
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    Thread title says it all! Here’s some photos. Thanks!!
  7. nmosko

    What company is the “Ludwig” of wood snares?

    Ludwig is of course very highly regarded by most for their metal snares. It’s hard to find one that doesn’t sound great and their snares retain value and seem to always find themselves in the “best of” conversations. is there a company that has that same reputation for wood material snares?
  8. nmosko

    Anybody notice how shoddy and unprofessional the Mapex site is?

    Mapex makes good drums in my opinion. Not saying they make bad stuff. But this website? Nah. 1. It’s extremely tough to navigate(IMHO) 2. The new issue of modern drummer has a full page add for the new lineup of black panther snares. It says go to the Mapex site to hear and learn about them...
  9. nmosko

    Leland Sklar’s YouTube channel

    Just a heads up, if you guys haven’t checked out his YouTube channel it’s really great. Tons of great stories about tons of artists and the songs. Not only is he a really chill guy, his bass playing still amazes me. I knew he played with just about everybody, but I didn’t really just how much he...
  10. nmosko

    Jeff Porcaro sig sticks

    Anybody have any regal tip Porcaro sticks?
  11. nmosko


    Bought these but ended up not needing them. They are still wrapped in the packaging. Spacing is 1 5/8. I’ve included the original photos of the lugs. $45 + shipping
  12. nmosko

    Does anybody offer the service of stripping/laquering a shell?

    Have a Pearl decade maple kick. Would like to get it stripped of its yellow wrap and have it stained in ebony to match my kit (pictured below) thanks for any and all info!!
  13. nmosko

    Looking to get suggestions on a wrap color to match satin black laquer toms

    Really needed a 24” kick. I couldn’t find (afford) one to match, so I decided to get one and cover it with a wrap. I’m open to most anything except the patterns with photos or designs like flames, tribal stuff and what not. To each his own, but I dont dig wraps with skulls or race cars or...
  14. nmosko

    Advice determining the resale value on a Gretsch BK kit with a slightly damaged tom?

    Thought of letting go of this set. Only thing is that while the floor and kick are in excellent/near-mint condition, there’s a botched external muffler job on the 13x9. No effect on sound and a minimal effect on looks since it’s on the opposite side from the badge. The drums are high-end...
  15. nmosko

    Mapex Heartbreaker 6x14 mahogany snare 300 + shipping

    Hey guys! Looking to sell this Mapex Heartbreaker. Mint condition with new head. $549 brand new in stores. 310 + shipping. Ok Here’s some pics!
  16. nmosko

    22” Gretsch black head, or broadkaster-style white

    Hey! Looking fir 22” Gretsch front bass heads! If you have any let me know and I’ll check the style! Thanks!!!
  17. nmosko


    Just wanting a good 24” kick. Preferably 14-16 depth. Color doesn’t matter.
  18. nmosko

    How does a drummer set their “rate?”

    Hey! I’m wondering if you cats who really gig a ton or are in professional acts can help me out with this. I’m wondering how a drummer (any musician for that matter) sets their fee. I’m sure you’d have to include things such as basic supply and demand of your particular instrument, talent level...
  19. nmosko

    What in the heck is up with Steve Smith and Journey? Good night nurse what is going on here!? this is apparently from March so just ignore me if this has already been posted and discussed.
  20. nmosko

    Where to find replacement lugs to fit Gretsch (apologies if this is the wrong section)

    First off, I wasn’t sure if this should be under wanted, or under builder or what. So I am sorry if I’m in the wrong section!! The hole spacing on Gretsch lugs is 1 5/16. VERY specific. Can anybody point me in the right direction? I don’t know of another lug dealer besides Drum Factory Direct...