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  1. frogandtoad1

    *Price Drop* 19” Istanbul Agop XIST Dry Dark Ride

    1959g. Practically new. Only used a few times. This line is really amazing. I encourage you to check out videos. $160 shipped US48. PM with any questions. Thanks.
  2. frogandtoad1

    *SOLD* Paiste Dimensions/Innovations for Agops

    Posting for a friend, details in this sale thread. He’s looking for Agop ride/crash-ride models. PM me, thanks.
  3. frogandtoad1

    **SOLD** Paiste Dimensions/Innovations FREE SHIPPING

    Posting for a friend, he’s wanting to get into Turkish cymbals. CONUS only, free shipping. 14” Dimensions Hi-Hats *SOLD* 18” Dimensions Medium Thin Crash *SOLD* 20” Innovations Medium Ride *SOLD* These really sound incredible. 2002 alloy. Links to info below. Free shipping, people. Also...
  4. frogandtoad1

    SOLD! 2 x 16” A Zildjian 50s

    Sold on Reverb, thanks!
  5. frogandtoad1

    SOLD! 16” A Zildjian for Paiste Innovations or Dimensions Crash

    Sold on Reverb, thanks! Have 2 different 16” 50s A Zildjians. One is thinner with 6 rivet holes, one is more medium with no rivet holes. Looking for a Paiste Innovations (preferred) or Dimensions crash. If necessary can add some cash, and let me know if you have one and just want to sell. Pics...
  6. frogandtoad1

    FOUND Looking for Cymbal Set

    My guitar player friend is looking for a decent cymbal set for around $300-$350 shipped to northern Illinois. Ride, crash, hats. Hoping for better than PST, ZBT, etc. We’ve been looking around to try to piece it together and it would be nice to not have to pay shipping for 3 different items, so...
  7. frogandtoad1

    24” 50s Zildjian A

    Never mind. Keeping it.
  8. frogandtoad1

    20” Zildjian Type III Transition Stamp with Rivets around 2140g

    8 rivets, could be original—rounded tops, pop-style, not split. I would maybe remove a few if I were keeping, but I don’t have as much use for a riveted cymbal right now, and I am wanting some guitar stuff. Very mellow and cool vibe on this one. PM for pics, details. $300 shipped. Thanks!
  9. frogandtoad1

    20” Farmer Double Stomp Kick Drum

    These are awesome. 20”x8”. $360 + shipping new. This one is in excellent condition, $225 shipped CONUS for forum members. YouTube video of the Sojourner kit, which comes with the Double Stomp: PayPal preferred, unfortunately no trades on this one. PM for more pics/details. Thanks.
  10. frogandtoad1

    Gretsch 4157 Round Badge Midnight Blue Pearl Snare for...

    No longer avail
  11. frogandtoad1

    Gretsch 4157 Round Badge Midnight Blue Pearl Snare

    No longer available
  12. frogandtoad1

    2 x 10” A Zildjian 1st/2nd/Pre-Trans Stamp Splash/Hats Thin

    One is around 235g, one around 250g. Stamp goes through to other side on both. Phenomenal condition with beautiful hammering and lathing. Beautiful sound as hats or splashes. PM for pics, details. $80 + shipping each. $140 + shipping for both. Thanks.
  13. frogandtoad1

    *No Longer Available* ‘65/‘66 Ludwig Club Date Silver Sparkle 13/14/22

    Changed my mind for now
  14. frogandtoad1

    SOLD! Zildjians: 13” EAK Top Hat, 13” 30sish K Constantinople, 20” 70s Swish with Rivets

    Pics below. 13 K Constantinople: Closer to 13.25. Amazing vintage cymbal, sold as 816g, will weigh tomorrow, seems right. Small mounting hole. $175 shipped. 13 EAK Top Hat: Beautiful shape, excellent condition. Will try to weigh it tomorrow but it seems to be around the same weight as the...
  15. frogandtoad1

    No longer available 14” Super Zyn Hi Hats 963/1245 for...

    Some of you may have seen/heard these from the video below. They are truly incredible sounding hats. They are the good Super Zyns. I got them because I have loved the sound of them in this video and I have an amazing 20 Super Zyn. Unfortunately I have discovered I really prefer to play hats that...
  16. frogandtoad1

    No longer available

    Nice vintage small ride at 1571g. PM with email address for pics and sound file. Can send Dropbox or SoundCloud or whatever you prefer. This is special, but I have a special 18 first stamp. This is not dry or excessively bright, it is like a 16 Paiste SCDR. Cascading overtones and growly...
  17. frogandtoad1

    TRADED, THANKS!! 20” Bosphorus Master Series 1550g for...

    Amazing cymbal. Looking for a flat, Turk, something super trashy, or... try me. I like vintage too... Thanks
  18. frogandtoad1

    (No Longer Available) 20" A. Zildjian 50s Small Stamp 1860g

    Unfortunate small dent and crack in bell hole, hasn't moved while I've had it. Awesome smokey crash ride goodness. Slight roughness in a couple parts along edge. Paypal please. PM me. Thanks! 4lb 1.5oz per USPS scale.
  19. frogandtoad1

    17" 50s Small Stamp Avedis Zildjian (Medium Thin Ink Stamp)

    Awesome cymbal here. Dark and dry, very rideable, great short crash. Heavy unique patina, great hammering, out of round hole.
  20. frogandtoad1

    1962 Ludwig Pioneer Mahogany SOLD

    $200 shipped here. PM me. Thanks.