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  1. Drumstyx7a

    Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in .....

    So, who's still here from the grand ole days? Robb
  2. Drumstyx7a

    Test Driving the New Ludwig Clubdates and New Paiste line

    Well, it helps to have friends in the right places. A while back I mentioned that my long time best friend and drum buddy Sean Dawson had just become a line rep for Ludwig and Paiste in a four state area based out of Texas. He's made some serious forays into the area and is doing Bob Henry...
  3. Drumstyx7a

    Seriously OT: Vintage 50's era houses .... a little help here

    Okay so here's the thing: Moving into a 1956 Georgian style house. It was at one time a local showplace. Bones are good but it needs work. I'm leasing but the owner is a friend who used to live in the house but has been renting it for the past 20+ years and it's been really worked over...
  4. Drumstyx7a

    Deer in the Headlights --- 1, Mike Layton --- 0

    The seemingly indestructible big guy is currently in the hospital with injuries suffered during an auto accident with his father on Thanksgiving Day evening. He and his dad were driving and a testing out a new car his father had purchased. A deer apparently wandered into the road and Mike's...
  5. Drumstyx7a

    OT: Best college mascot??

    In other sports news: SMU's mascot Peruna was named the best college mascot in Texas by Texas Monthly: Killed the Fordham Ram w/a kick to the head when they brought the Ram too close to him, mounted the Texas Tech horse, sent UTexas's Bevo to the ground w/a kick in the side and took a...
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    Sorta OT: In a New York kinda way

    A little help here please??? Student of mine .... mother is headed to NYC for a visit in a few day. Going to be around the Upper East Side. She's wondering if there are any good jazz clubs in the area or the whole city in general .... Anyone??? Thanks, Robb
  7. Drumstyx7a

    OT: When All the Laughter Dies in Sorrow

    Just wondering what else can go weird in this world .... A teacher from a school district just 8 miles from me was stalked and ambushed by her ex husband last night on a semi main street here in town. She had called police and reported that she was being followed and they were responding...
  8. Drumstyx7a

    OT: Predator Strikes Close to Home

    So here's the thing ..... Friday the 14th was a tough day for me ... just a lot of stress and running around in 100+ heat and a time for feeling sorry for myself like one is want to do when one gets caught up on their own affairs. Then I get a phone call from my room mate. She's just...
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    So Who's Better?? You or your kid???

    Okay so here's the thing. I've been in a position lately to observe some parents who had children that followed in their footsteps ... musically that is. Heard several observations like, "I think I remember being able to do that ...." "Was I that bad at that age?" " Gues I remember being...
  10. Drumstyx7a

    OT: But Pertinent- BEST explanation of gas prices yet

    Okay, So I'm putting my old dirty sweat stained gasoline cap from the 50's back on again. As some of you may remember in a previous life I was in the gasoline wholesale business. Grew up in it. Family had it from 1925 till about 1990 when I sold out my side to my uncle. This story from...
  11. Drumstyx7a

    Another Kudo for Drumart and Jim Feck

    Here's another shout out, compliment, kudo, high five, what ever you want to use .... to Jim Feck at Jim has done work for a lot of members here and I'm sure will do more. Here's why he'll do more. A while back I recommended to a friend to use Jim's company and he did. A...
  12. Drumstyx7a

    Pawn Shop Notice Dallas/Garland area

    Ludwig Supra, P83, BB muffler w/white felt ...NO PITTING!! Couldn't find an ink stamp but I know it's older than mine that I got in 69. Super clean and they want to deal ..... Slingerland wood snare P83style strainer that needs work. 8" depth natural finish, Niles badge coppery toned...
  13. Drumstyx7a

    OT: Out of Touch (for a few days)

    Gang, I've been a bit remiss in my contact lately due to some work things and other strange events but life is what happens when you've made other plans. Wanted to let everyone know that things were a bit dicey but looking better but I'll be out of touch for a few days because of a move...
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    Okay first off .... We've all seen the pics in the other pinned thread about the donation drum set and the work that Dennis did on these things. Looked sharp in the pics. BUT Let me tell about when I got them out in the real world ....... D A A A U U U U U M M M N N N N N N N !! These...
  15. Drumstyx7a

    OT: The Living Will

    MY LIVING WILL A while back my boys and I were sitting in the living room and I said to them, 'I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug.' They got up, unplugged the Computer, and threw out my...
  16. Drumstyx7a

    The Power of Music

    I saw this posted over on Billy Ward's site by forum member ambadextro . Thought it also deserved a place over here. Really makes one stop and think. Robb
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    Christmas with Ernie Ford

    Ernie has his hands full later on in this segment. Wonder if the kid went on the play drums??? Robb
  18. Drumstyx7a

    Faded Champagne or Faded Gold Sparkle???

    So here's the thing. One of my students has a nice used Ludwig set. 20/12/14 originally with a rail and BD cymbal mount. Someone put a twin tom mount on it (Ludwig at least) and had two 12's on it for a while. Question is ... I can't tell if it's a faded champagne sparkle or a faded gold...
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    When One Word is Enough !!

    Nuff Said .... Robb
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    OT: What Happened to The Salsa King

    Anyone else had blueshadow's salsa ??? Got a text from punkdrummer (Donny) tonight looking for some better salsa. I mentioned Chris to him and he said he'd been wondering if Chris was ever gonna do salsa again. Said he'd been waiting 3 or 4 years. It's been at least 2 for me. For the new...