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  1. stevesmithfan

    Tympani Heads For Roto Toms

    Hey guys, I bought a used 14” Roto Tom a few months ago, it came with a tympani head. I’ll need to replace it eventually. I can’t get information about these heads none of the online websites carry them. They’re the typical sizes 20” and above. Are they discontinued? What would be a good...
  2. stevesmithfan

    First Time Experience w/15” Hi Hats.

    I’ve been playing drums a very long time. I bought a pair of Zildjian 15” New Beats from a forum member. They’ve been in my possession for a few hours and I love them! I can’t believe I missed out all these years!
  3. stevesmithfan

    Smooth Cymbal Purchase from DFO Member.

    I want to send a shout out to rdumas for selling me his Zildjian 20" A Medium Thin Crash redesign series! I like the integrity of doing business with DFO members. The cymbal is wonderful.
  4. stevesmithfan

    I Got Rototoms Finally!

    It’s a buyers market on EBay now. I got 12” and 14” Roto Toms for a little over $100 each. Corona virus perhaps?
  5. stevesmithfan

    Cymbals mixed low in modern rock recordings.

    I have been listening to a lot of modern-day Hard Rock and metal on YouTube with my headphones and I noticed the cymbals are so low in the mix I can barely hear them. The close kick, snare, and tom tracks are very loud and present but the cymbals are barely audible. Does anybody else notice...
  6. stevesmithfan

    First Time Roto Tom Purchase!

    14” Roto Tom on EBay for $150. This is my 1st purchase of this great drum it sounds like a timbale on steroids! I’m currently look for a 16”.
  7. stevesmithfan

    Great Purchase at Pawn Shop

    I just got a Zildjian 20” A Custom Crash for $100. It sounds bright and full bodied, I’m extremely happy! Thanks Pawn Shop!
  8. stevesmithfan

    6” Concert Tom Wanted

    I’m looking to buy a 6” concert tom any condition color brand name isn’t important. I’ll pay up to $200 depending on the condition.
  9. stevesmithfan

    Remo Ambassador X

    I just ordered a coated Ambassador X for my Sonor 6.5x14” Chrome Ferro Snare. Any of you have experience with this head?
  10. stevesmithfan

    Sonor D 506 score!

    I just bought a used in mint condition on Reverb a Sonor 6.5x14 snare drum. It sounds like Bonham’s LM 402 on steroids! This is the best snare I’ve ever played. That Ferro Chrome is something else.
  11. stevesmithfan

    Sonor SQ2 3rd Floor Tom Added.

    Im going for a Tony Williams Steve Smith vibe.
  12. stevesmithfan

    Harvey Mason Sticks

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about getting the Vic Firth Harvey Mason sticks the dark mahogany colored ones. I play Remo coated Ambassadors. Will these sticks color my heads and cymbals? I tried them on a practice pad a few years ago and loved the feel of them. Thanks.
  13. stevesmithfan

    Dead Drum Sound Trend

    Every time I watch a drummer famous or not on YouTube. I see them playing a high quality drum kit with moon gels all over the snare and toms. Their kits sound flat like cardboard, why don't they play a Sears kit instead of butchering a beautiful expensive high end kit? Is this a trend?
  14. stevesmithfan

    Cheap Trick (Drum Cover).

    I love Cheap Trick. I like them better with Bun E. My Drum Cover:
  15. stevesmithfan

    30 Seconds To Mars (Drum Cover)

    On this drum cover, I played the beginning and ending parts on 2 Roland pads, I couldn't get them and my self into the scene because of my small room. Enjoy, Greg
  16. stevesmithfan

    Foo Fighters Drum Cover.

    Foo Fighters Rope.
  17. stevesmithfan

    New Youtube drum cover

    This is my newest drum cover 30 Seconds to Mars "Attack. I didn't tighten my right crash very well. It rotates throughout the video, you can see the K logo, followed by Steve Gadd's autograph, then the Session Crash logo. Enjoy, Greg
  18. stevesmithfan

    Youtube drum cover.

    Here's another drum cover of 30 Seconds To Mars. This is a groove oriented song with very few fills. As I get older, I'm appreciating the groove more. When I finished recording this video, the groove got me so pumped up, I couldn't sleep that night. Funny thing is, when I make Polyrhythm and odd...
  19. stevesmithfan

    My first Youtube drum cover.

    Here's my first drum cover on Youtube. It's by my favorite band 30 Seconds to Mars. The song is called "From Yesterday". I recorded this on my SONOR SQ2 kit. I used Sony Vegas Platinum 10 video software to sync the audio and video together. I hope you like it.