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  1. unregisteredalien

    Ordering cheap parts from China - a cautionary tale

    I've been ordering some bits and pieces of hardware on eBay. Sellers are often based in China. You pay less but you need to be patient with shipping. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. This week I got a couple of things: some wing bolts and some die cast snare hoops. The wing bolts...
  2. unregisteredalien

    Sabian AA El Sabor Salsa Splash 13" - opinions?

    Anyone use/used this splash? What do you think? I might pick one up to fill the large splash/small crash niche. I have a line on a used one from before the Sabian brand refresh, I assume the build is unchanged... I'd pair it with K Sweets: I have an 18" crash and the 21" ride, hence wanting a...
  3. unregisteredalien

    One-handed activities

    *ahem* If you just cut the pad of your left thumb from side to side and down to the bone with a kitchen knife, how would you go about satisfying your drumming urges until it heals? For the sake of this "hypothetical" you are right-handed. Buying gear online is not an acceptable answer.
  4. unregisteredalien

    Why are floor toms usually in square sizes?

    I was just looking up the setup of the drummer from one of my fave bands (Shinichiro Sato, the pillows) and it was pretty unsurprising: 16"x22" Bass Drum - 5.5"x14" Snare Drum - 10"x13" Tom Tom - 16"x16" Floor Tom It occurred to me that floor toms are usually square ( 14x14, 16x16, 18x18 )...
  5. unregisteredalien

    So you're shopping for a new 14x6.5" brass snare [UPDATE: purchase made]

    And it's gonna be your first and only brass snare! So what do you get? The Black Beauty seems to be the benchmark, but I see people saying good things about Yamaha, Pearl and others... Criteria: - New - Brass - At/near 6.5" depth - Budget US$900 (Reasons: poor 2nd hand market in Australia; I...