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    ????This HAD to hurt....."Premier Purple Fade "Genital" model?

    Hi to all, especially those of you that are playing either Older or New Premier products. Hopefully most of you will be familiar with me, I know I have several clients from this Forum, so thanks to those. If anyone of you have checked out the latest info on the Official Premier Website plus...
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    So is Premier still in business?

    Hi to all you Premier fanatics out here in the US. I have spent some time reading through all the posts and pretty much they are all corret. Tim O'Neal with The Hanser Music Group is heading up the US side of Premier's Distribution here in the States. The Brains behind all the new "One" series...
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    Premier Drums update

    Hi everyone I know that there are MANY Premier players & Premier lovers out there that are dazes & confused about the current situation here in the US. I am currently the ONLY official contact with them here in the US & carry parts, hardware, orphan drums & some kits. I have been lucky enough...