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  1. Bunnyman

    How to make your Expensive kit sound a bit CRAP

    1) Assume that since you have paid over $2K for the kit, it sounds great out of the box 2) Do NOT use a drum dial 3) Don't even TRY to approximate even tension on the T-rods 4) Don't have a plan on the batters and resos even being tensioned the same both sides, let alone have ANY strategy on...
  2. Bunnyman

    Somewhat O.T.: interesting ear buds

    I wonder how these would do as IEMs...
  3. Bunnyman

    New mission

    It has been quite documented that I haven't the desire to play. Somehow, the desire has come back. I have been toying with my kit configuration for a bit, going with a three floor tom set up (actually two floors, one gong bass set up as a floor tom) with no racks. Well, the lone rack tom has...
  4. Bunnyman

    OT: oops!!!!
  5. Bunnyman

    O.T. How do I get it back?

    We're talking about my desire to play. I have ZERO desire to play regularly. I am trying to exorcise the demons that have been well-documented here. I know I certainly am NOT the first bloke here who got gooned out over a few toxic band situations. For those of you which this applies to: what...
  6. Bunnyman

    Finally did it!

    I finally cut ties with the recording band officially. The band king let the guitar player who caused a lot of problems back in. At first, I was all diva by making demands such as "I don't even want that *sshat guitar player's tracks in my headphones when I track", then I thought better of it...
  7. Bunnyman

    Advice sought

    I am wanting to do my own version of a kit with double-ended lugs in the centre of the drum (Club Date, et al). I know I won't have much trouble with the toms, but it is the bass drum that could be problematic. Do I use thicker gasket material for the bass drum lugs? Please advise...
  8. Bunnyman

    When you see what you think of as a "wasted" drum, think again...

    More than likely, that drum that you saw cut in half, would be a drum that you would probably hate or require significant repair before it would be a drum you would buy or play. When I manufactured bicycle parts, my wife would ask why a seemingly perfect, saleable piece would meet the bandsaw...
  9. Bunnyman

    Somewhat O.T.: Roy Orbison was a freaking STUD!!!!

    Just saw somewhere that a movie about the man whose voice Elvis envied is going to be made. If that movie is crap, I would like to do very, very evil things to that producer... Who else thinks Roy Orbison is a FREAKING STUD?!?!?!?!?
  10. Bunnyman

    Somewhat O.T.: How to ruin a perfectly good band setting

    I hope all will add your own items to how good bands get ruined. Here's one of mine: not taking playing well seriously enough.
  11. Bunnyman

    O.T. Happy Birthday Trixie!!!!

    Eleven years old today our Trix is!!!! She brought my family out of many bad times by just being her.
  12. Bunnyman

    Sand blasting cymbals

    I have mentioned that after I re-hammer my de-coloured Colorsound, I want to sand blast it. I think I know where on the cymbal it needs to be sand blasted. Has anyone done that? Did you use a turn table? Any leads on where to have mine sand blasted by an expert? I may just get a cabinet and...
  13. Bunnyman

    O.T. beer snobbery

    heh heh
  14. Bunnyman

    o.t. aldi's beer

    It is AWESOME!!!! Love it, and it's CHEAP!!!!!
  15. Bunnyman

    I "uncoloured" a Colorsound

    Usually, this is not normal practise for me; however, the Colorsound coating was FAR from being in good shape. So, with some Citrustrip, I was able to liberate the poor bastard of it's chipping and underwhelming black. It didn't take long, and I was able to get most of the black coating off...
  16. Bunnyman

    O.T. any hockey players?

    I played at a somewhat high level (Junior B) back in the late '80s and very early '90s. Then I was injured. After a very long absence, I have returned... I am having a hard time getting my game back, but I forget about life for awhile when I play, even though I suck wind at the highest level.
  17. Bunnyman

    Any word on if Tommy Wells' drum brushes ever made it to production?

    I knew it was coming up, but ever since Tommy died, we never heard about whether his brushes ever were produced. Has anybody heard about those brushes?
  18. Bunnyman

    O.T. Hitchcock need to be lynched!!!!/ Stanley Cup PO thread

    The Blues deserve a better coach. Ryan Miller need to be buried to his neck and stoned to death, Oshie needs to be fed to the lions, and Backes needs to be demoted to the lowest level of the minor leagues. Our Blues simply SUCK!!!!!!!!!
  19. Bunnyman

    O.T. who's run into this tosser?
  20. Bunnyman

    Carmine Appice Lamp Shade cymbal

    I modded mine, and at $50 ish a pop, you can. These were put out by ddrum via Sabian. I have had two. One was just too much, but I missed the cut; however, it sustained WAAAAAAAAAAAY too long. I drilled a zillion holes, did a bad hammering job, delabelled it, and put a patina on it. I also...