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  1. RIneuron

    I "Got" it today (confessions of a former Porcaro indifferent dude)

    One of the great albums of all time and a great Porcaro showcase.
  2. RIneuron

    Wireless Headphones for Electronic Drums

    I would investigate in-ear monitors instead of headphones. Better sound in many cases, lightweight, and no worry about heat. There are several strings discussing this on the vdrums forum.
  3. RIneuron

    Jim Gordon's Camco set

  4. RIneuron

    New house=new drum room!

    Glad to see you are keeping the cream of the crop out to play (Luddy OBP).
  5. RIneuron

    Cymbal Endorsement

    Does he live in DC now?
  6. RIneuron

    Early Reviews for Bohemian Rhapsody Moview Are Not Great

    I thought it was very entertaining. It appeared to me that the actors were actually playing their instruments too, which is a big plus if true.
  7. RIneuron

    Ebay/Craigslist heads up for vintage drums-the official thread

    Looks to be a mix of blue and black oyster...
  8. RIneuron

    DW - Gretsch

    Always makes me laugh.
  9. RIneuron

    Sakae Road Anew Kits

    It's a shame there wasn't better publicity for this line of Sakae's. It seems to be a clear winner in terms of price/quality/sound.
  10. RIneuron

    cymbal cleaning, does the black stuff ever go away?

    And yes, I am talking about the liquid version of BKF.
  11. RIneuron

    cymbal cleaning, does the black stuff ever go away?

    Barkeeper's Friend works great and it's cheap. I use it on the outside of my Weber grill and it cleans old grease very effectively. Rinse cymbal with soap and water as noted previously.
  12. RIneuron

    Who's the Biggest Band You Saw Before They Were Famous?

    I saw The Animals and Van Morrison at two different high school dances in the 60s.
  13. RIneuron

    First set of Camcos

    Or turn your kick drum around.
  14. RIneuron

    Name my Band

  15. RIneuron

    Van Morrison and Defranchesco

    I completely agree that jazz musicians are the cream. But no reason to disrespect musicians of other genres who stretch into jazz or incorporate jazz elements into their music.
  16. RIneuron

    Excellent discussion of swing

    One of the great albums of all time. "How did all these people get in my room"
  17. RIneuron

    Way OT: How many Private Pilots here?

    I took flying lessons through Navy ROTC while I was in college. I vividly remember the feeling of taking off on my first solo and thinking, "What the HELL am I doing up here alone?" Managed to get my license with the minimum hours the Navy would pay for, but decided I was definitely not good...
  18. RIneuron

    Van Morrison and Defranchesco

    Love it. No surprise that Van has some jazz chops. I have always been curious about how many of the sax solos on his albums were him vs a studio hired gun.
  19. RIneuron

    Tris Imboden Leaves Chicago

    I thought David Foster came across as a smug jerk. And I think his influence pretty much ruined the band (albeit extending their commercial success with milquetoast ballads, which are what he was good at). Danny will always be one of my drum heroes.
  20. RIneuron

    Tris Imboden Leaves Chicago

    That band is awesome.