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    tiny drums


    basie band

    im sitting here resting my bones, 'otis' and im listening to a couple of the original jersey boys, count bill basie of red bank , and sir francis albert of hoboken. over the hears i have heard basie often hit a note that sounds off, yet its obviously intended. its a part of his playing style...

    ralph kester ching ring

    anyone know if they are aluminum or alloy metal im looking for a good way to clean one up.... its in ovewrall good shape, just showing some light surface wear. i might just leave it or might clean it. but if i decide to clean it id like to know how. i was thinking of soaking it in some coke a...

    drummer jargon

    BEAT ME DADDY EIGHT TO THE BAR 30's, 40's phrase used on an uptempo dance tune, as a command to the rhythm section (the drummer is "daddy" as in "daddy-o") to emphasize 8 beats to every bar of music, giving it a feel of doubletime (as opposed to 4 to a bar)

    gretsch ssb 1 finish

    this is the first time i ever saw this wrap finish. anyone know if its a gretsch factory finish.

    some buddy

    harry james band doing the charlie barnet 1939 hit cherokee

    seasons greetings


    the swinging basie band....harold jones and butch miles

    harold jones 1974...

    carmine appice

    age 73 today
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    dave clark

    age 77 today
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    one tom

    in an effort to break out of my musical funk, im gonna make a couple of minor changes to my kit. i dont know if they will work, but in gonna give it a try. one tom kits .... they almost always have just the rack tom. very rarely il see a kit with just the floor tom. im gonna take the mount...
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    pause...reflect...give thanks...give love remember our military, and our first responders, as well as the many others who for whatever reason will not be surrounded by loved ones today. one of the greatest blessings we have is living in america
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    a drumming funk

    i been drumming since 1967. and over those many years i have sometimes drifted in and out of into periods of inactivity. some are brief others have been extended, and those slightly trouble me. because i know the longer im in the harder its gonna be to break out. overall i have good mental...
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    bj wilson

    outstanding drummer...who died young at age 43 "Wilson and Procol Harum seemed a perfect match. The band’s atypical rock ethos afforded Wilson the opportunity to use every tool in his toolkit. And the songs benefitted from having a drummer who applied a somewhat jazzier approach (which Brooker...
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    60s gretsch aluminum snare i have a 1969 4106 6 lug with a renown, and a 1968 4109 8 lug with a micro. both have a small head muffler knob this 6 lug drum on reverb has the large muffler knob and a micro. im thinking it was either...
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    to all of our veterans....thank you

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    im sippin on some tito... as im listenin to some tito....hola tito
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    krupa or rich

    pick one...or pass....if you care to comment as to why thats cool. since im first im going with krupa. the man was a gentleman, and he had soul. dramatics and dynamics, timing, and a clear feel for the music around him.
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    happy birthday dino

    1st day in the sign of leo...happy 75th birthday of the 1960s greatest rock drummers . he was the young rascals drummer...liberty devitto was once billy joels drummers did a number of these conversations with dino...this is #1 in the series.
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    billy haley and the comets drummer

    dick boccelli passed away at age 95... he was one of rock n rolls earliest drummers. there were none before them to follow. they had to lead and create ,and they did...