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  1. Hulakatt

    Shoutout to Hawthorne Drums , Pittsburgh, PA

    I think it would be worth the drive but it would be time better spent once he opens an actual storefront and not appointment only stuff.
  2. Hulakatt

    Shoutout to Hawthorne Drums , Pittsburgh, PA

    No, I asked. On the third floor of Hollowoods at one point was Waddels Drums and at another point was Drum World. When I was at Hawthorn picking up my BD, he had just been over at Hollowoods looking to rent out one of their floors. Hollowoods used to be amazing, with Johnnie B Goode's used gear...
  3. Hulakatt

    Shoutout to Hawthorne Drums , Pittsburgh, PA

    It's a lovely red sparkle! The moste Ludwig of the vintage sparkle wraps :D
  4. Hulakatt

    Shoutout to Hawthorne Drums , Pittsburgh, PA

    Not really a suburb, it's a district within city limits, just up the Ohio river from downtown. He's a couple blocks past the McKees Rocks bridge in an pre-war, brick industrial park kinda place.
  5. Hulakatt

    Shoutout to Hawthorne Drums , Pittsburgh, PA

    Is that the dude running a store out of a storage locker/band practice space in the Rocks? I bought a 20" Club Date BD from him, very nice and easy to deal with. Edit: Given your location, I assume you ordered and wouldn't know.
  6. Hulakatt

    Who can tell me about Barth-Feinberg?

    The Rocket lugs with the die cast hoops make it look pretty Gretschy to me.
  7. Hulakatt

    Vintage Drums

    I like the rimshots on my 2 Gretsch round badge snares? Very sharp and snappy, I love the die cast hoop feel.
  8. Hulakatt

    Opinions wanted on why Ludwig 14" floor toms seem to be "rare" or uncommon

    Funny, I have a mid 60's Gretsch kit and a mid 60's Ludwig and the Gretsch has a 16" floor tom while the Ludwig has a 14"! The whole Ludwig Club Date I have is smaller than I'm used to seeing from Ludwig in 20/14/12/14.
  9. Hulakatt

    Great Grandpa’s Drums

    Where are you located as well?
  10. Hulakatt

    Gretsch RB 14” floor Tom 6 lug?

    Yes and there's a shortage in the world of cool cocktail kits.
  11. Hulakatt

    Gretsch RB 14” floor Tom 6 lug?

    I love that style hoop! I don't have any drums with it though, I should remedy that.
  12. Hulakatt

    Gretsch RB 14” floor Tom 6 lug?

    I have a 6 lug Gretsch Dixieland snare and it cam to me with the steel flanged hoops but I managed to find a set of 60's die cast hoops for it. I still have the flanged steel ones if you're interested but the one hoop obviously has the snare cutouts.
  13. Hulakatt

    What is the most "modern" kit on sale today?

    That post war / pre age of the point of obsolesce design is some of the only design work (in all areas of manufacturing) that both has wonderfully robust craftsmanship and design for the joy of design. Before that time, things were built to be functional and robust or to be super fancy and most...
  14. Hulakatt

    Anyone has a Mod orange downbeat kit?

    curious about this too.
  15. Hulakatt

    For those that like to have clean vintage cymbals...

    I have a whole little pile of 60's Zildjians that I've been using and I've been cleaning them up through the years but mostly since quarantine started. Groove Juice works a treat for cleaning them up but does anyone use something post cleaning to keep them from getting covered in fingerprints...
  16. Hulakatt

    My hunt for Camco 3D is over!

    Just saw that Precision has this wrap available. I would not have expected that, I assumed it would be way too niche for them to stock. I guess I just need to luck into some CamCo shells that need wrapped :D
  17. Hulakatt

    Dave Grohl accepts challenge

    This is very much typical Grohl. If the world had more musicians like this, it would be a better place.
  18. Hulakatt

    The Really Slow 1964 Gretsch Bop Restore

    OK, fine guys, I'll leave the BD and wrap the toms and snare in matching red sparkle! Still gotta finish the Gretsch kit first though. Just got some more lugs and both hoops, just need 6 more small lugs, both mufflers and the tension rods for the high tom and to send the snare out for wrapping...
  19. Hulakatt

    Interesting Gretsch Listing (scantily clad?)

    That's usually the type of person that loves the idea of "modeling" but can't or won't actually try to get a modeling job so they just do stuff like this. They just want to be in front of a camera but on their own terms. There's a certain amount of ego and attention seeking there. I met a lot of...
  20. Hulakatt

    Vintage Ludwig's

    Yeah, mine were from the 1st year of manufacture when they were kinda being advertised as Ludwig's 100th anniversary kit or something. I remember they came in a green sparkle that I loved but couldn't find locally so I ended up with a natural maple kit instead. I think they changed the specs...