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    Most difficult slow tempo song you've known ?

    If I remember correctly; isn't the snare on the 1 and 3 in "Wonderful Tonight"? That song can be a little tricky until you internalize it.
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    Hal Blaine Shuts up Bernard Purdy! ;) Good!

    I may not know what I'm talking about, but sure sounds like Purdie's drumming to me. Almost 10 years ago he was at a clinic in my area appearing with Derrick Roddy. All the young people gravitated toward Roddy (a great technician). Purdies' presence was basically ignored, so I got the...
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    Swivel or not

    I like my seat to be loose; nothing to do with reaching targets, but if I become uncomfortable in a static position I can always shift my body a couple inches to the left or right to relieve any discomfort that may develop in my back or my legs. I'm old and gigging beats me up to to the point...
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    Drum Dials

    Yes, and I appreciate your input. I hope you didn't perceive my response as being sarcastic. That, certainly, wasn't my intention.
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    Drum Dials

    It looks like I learned something. Thanks.
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    Drum Dials

    From franke: "I use a Drum Dial and a Tune Bot (as well as my ears when the sound yielded by either device isn't to my liking). The Drum Dial simply reads torque, not pitch, and while in theory it might seem that something equally torqued is therefore under equal tension (and therefore, equal...
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    Drum Dials

    Or maybe a difference in head brand and/or model design -- e.g. prepared head vs. traditional?
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    Hello I'm emily

    Nice to meet you too, Emily. Have fun on the Forum.:hello2:
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    After a long wait...SQ2 has arrived

    Beautiful drums! I'm happy for you. I've always liked white drums (many don't) and that white sparkle just pops.
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    After a long wait...SQ2 has arrived

    Even the shipping boxes look cool. Lol
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    Best "Set It and Forget It" Bass Drum Muffling Devices

    +1 For a live situation, mic'd or not: Prepared batter head. Proper tuning. No laundry. No "drum pillows" or "mechanical dampening devices". Ported or non-ported reso head (makes no difference except for desired tonal quality, more or less ring, and differentiated beater reaction). And, with...
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    Guitarist needing some help!

    Is this a Birthday present? "Yoose mugs" are very generous. I wish I had friends like "youins". Lol I just turned 60 and my band mates bought me a Birthday cake, but it's the thought that counts, and I love 'em! If I'm not mistaken, Tama Bell Brass snares can go for over a grand. (U.S.)
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    Happy 90th Birthday Hal Blaine!

    As a kid (11 or 12 years old) I spent many hours trying to play along with the records of The 5th Dimension, The Carpenters, The Mamas and The Papas, The Beach Boys, Et al. Like many of you can attest to; I never thought I was trying to follow the same drummer in these countless and timeless...
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    Ludwig Neusonic?

    Or maybe not.
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    GMS drums. Just increcible

    Holy Cow!!!
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    Ludwig Neusonic?

    You most likely have a good point here, Irod. I guess I'd have to be in the market, and research and compare options to be an educated buyer. But, at first blush, I'm still not sure I'd pay the money for the aforementioned offering. Thanks for your insight, Rick
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    Ludwig Neusonic?

    No offense, but I don't think I wanna pay $749.99 for 3 of these drums used, especially with no snare. I believe I could possibly get 3 drums, used, of a much higher quality (plus the addition of a snare) for an equivalent price -- or even maybe purchase higher quality new drums at this price...
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    Origin of the Ludwig keystone badge

    Yup. Correct. Keystone Motor Oil. WFL's favorite