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  1. Radio King

    "Gold" level member screen names are difficult to see

    I'm looking at your post here on my 23" Samsung monitor, and I literally cannot read your name - just a faint yellow blob.
  2. Radio King

    YOUR...Favorite HARDWARE Case & Why???

    I swear by the Gator Protechtor Series Rolling Drum Cart - they're perfect for me (I have 2). Tall and roomy enough to allow for fully extended cymbal/hi-hat stands, easy to roll, and it stays upright when packing and unpacking. No more bending over repeatedly. I could see where it's not ideal...
  3. Radio King

    Whats the cheapest you've ever snagged an Acrolite?

    Ah, I see what you're saying, but no, the "after" pic was mine. It was taken right after I'd cleaned the drum up. That said, the drum was in surprisingly good condition when I arrived. It was a from a local (recently defunct) music school, and the woman I purchased from said that several had...
  4. Radio King

    My Burt Bacharach - Elvis Costello Back Stories

    This is my favorite thread of the entire year.
  5. Radio King

    Whats the cheapest you've ever snagged an Acrolite?

    Grabbed this one for $20 a few years ago. Cleaned and reheaded it, then sold it for $180 a few days later.
  6. Radio King

    I pulled the Delite-trigger...

    Wonderful drums! And the snare has hella hoops - bonus!
  7. Radio King

    Sonor Vintage, 4 pce in California Blue

    I didn't know that!
  8. Radio King

    Anyone else have a shell bank? And what’s your goto kick drum?

    I had 2 shell banks until recently: Sonor Vintage Series in Natural (still have), and a recently sold Sonor Prolite in Walnut Brown Burst. I'm hanging on to the Vintage set.
  9. Radio King

    Can't Find The Sonor Tom Mount I Need

    It's a 13/16/24 Gretsch Renown set in the profile pic.
  10. Radio King

    Can't Find The Sonor Tom Mount I Need

    Not that i know of. You'd likely have to buy a Sonor cymbal stand and just use the 1" downtube. And actually, that's all the tom arm is: a standard 1" cymbal stand downtube with a 3/4" tom arm.
  11. Radio King

    Can't Find The Sonor Tom Mount I Need

    This is what you need: Sonor 4000 Series Single Tom Holder. 1" downtube with the 3/4" tom arm on top.
  12. Radio King

    OT: Diana Rigg has died

    Man, I love that song to this day.
  13. Radio King

    OT: Diana Rigg has died

    My first crush, as well. Well, her and Laura Petrie (MTM). Gorgeous, smart women both.
  14. Radio King

    Michael Shrieve with Dicky Betts

    That was a great VH1 special: Guitar Greats. I still have the VHS tape somewhere. Lots of memorable moments, such as Dickie playing Barbed Wire Fence with Brian Setzer, for example. Great find, Benny! This quality is better than my over-the-air copy, for sure. And let's not forget the phenomenal...
  15. Radio King

    Sonor Vintage Series Kit for sale at Drummer’s Hangout

    If I didn't already have a set in these sizes, I'd grab 'em. Plus, the seller is a straight shooter and a heckuva nice guy. Top notch all the way.
  16. Radio King

    Is 20/14/12 configuration capable of many genres?

    I think that a 12/14/20 is fun to play, kinda like an aerodynamic sports car. There's just something nimble and efficient about 12/14/20. And the sizes are versatile enough; just depends on tuning.
  17. Radio King

    INDe: Really innovative. But what about cost?

    I bought this 24/13/16 set almost 4 years ago. Josh was offering DFO member discounts at the time, and it came to only $1449 shipped (matching 6.5" snare was, I think, $300 more). Excellent bang for the buck, and they were incredibly light in weight. Really cool thin-shelled maple drums.
  18. Radio King

    If you could sell.....

    Nope. I worked hard to get what I've got, and I'm quite pleased with what I've ended up with. Of course, getting there took a lot of crummy $100-a-night gigs combined with quite a bit of gear flipping, sometimes at a loss. But it was a fun pursuit. Ask me this again in a year and I'll probably...
  19. Radio King

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Green BD beater, to go with the green R&S, to go with the green sparkle... I love it!