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  1. stevesmithfan

    Playing Rush's Permanent Waves on the Internet

  2. stevesmithfan

    Bun E. comparing old and new Ludwigs

    Great video!
  3. stevesmithfan

    24" Ride Cymbal

    Yes indeed I'm the same guy! Nice to see you here at DFO.
  4. stevesmithfan

    24" Ride Cymbal

    Zildjian 24 A Medium Ride redesign. I traded my 24 k light for it a few years ago with a forum member. It hasn't left my cymbal stand since its arrival! I have no desire to replace it, I suggest you get a 24" ride you won't regret it.
  5. stevesmithfan

    Rick Beato on recreating AVH's snare sound

    I agree especially the VH 2 overall drum sound.
  6. stevesmithfan

    SOLD: 20" Zildjian K Sweet Crash

    Gram weight or sound clip?
  7. stevesmithfan

    SOLD 16” K Light Hybrid Hats

    they sound great
  8. stevesmithfan

    What other drum forums/websites/boards are you on?

    This is the only forum that I visit.
  9. stevesmithfan

    DrumLite Successor?

    This news doesn't surprise me. I can't see a high demand for it.
  10. stevesmithfan

    Tuning by ear vs drum dial rant...

    I I don't care for the drum tuning devices. I've always used my ears.
  11. stevesmithfan

    You're in quarantine with the first famous drummer you saw live - who is it?

    Bun E Carlos and Peter Criss 1977.
  12. stevesmithfan

    What happened to Pearl support?

    Is your bass drum from the Pearl Crystal Beat series? They've been having a lot of problems with cracked acrylic shells.
  13. stevesmithfan

    The ultimate Kick Drum Mic Placement video

    I always thought white bass drums sounded better than other color options!
  14. stevesmithfan

    nybody know what practice pad Steve Smith is using here? It's nice and quiet.

    You probably won't get a response. I don't know why these famous drummers post on social media and never respond to people's inquiries.
  15. stevesmithfan

    What ride for big band?

    I saw Buddy in 1982 he used a Zildjian 21 rock ride.
  16. stevesmithfan

    Jeff Ocheltree A Fraud?

    I met Jeff Ocheltree at a Steve Smith drum clinic several years ago. He told me he was at the recording of Led Zeppelin ITTOD. He said John never recorded with his steel kit before so he had his green sparkle on stand by in case he didn't like the steel kit. John loved the recorded sound of the...
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    OT actors in movies that could never be played by anyone else

    Gary Oldman Dracula Gary Oldman Sid and Nancy Jack Nicholson The Shining
  18. stevesmithfan

    DW Edge snare owners...

    I use to own one and it had a proper snare bed. I didn't like the drum it lacked crispness. It's way overpriced and overrated imo.
  19. stevesmithfan

    Beginner drummer, what is this setup worth

    The zildjian and paiste cymbals are the only valuable parts of the kit. I'd say the entire kit would be around $500 maximum.
  20. stevesmithfan

    Who Is The Most Famous Person You’ve Met?

    EZ E. I ran sound for him he was very polite and nice not very gangsta, just professional. Alex Van Halen. LAX I asked about his drum set up for Van Halen 2. He didn't seem to interested in talking with me, but he answered my question. I said thanks and left. Eric Carr an absolute gentleman we...