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  1. Drumbelly

    SOLD Gretsch USA 6.5x14 Phosphor Bronze like new SOLD

    This is an absolute beast. Solid 5mm bronze shell, die cast hoops, lightning throw, snap in key holder and very heavy. Super powerful sound that is fat but clear and projects like nothing else. All original and barely played, just has a few fingerprints, will come with a soft case. Did I mention...
  2. Drumbelly

    Canopus Solid Heavy Aluminum 6.5x14 Scarce

    Selling this rare Canopus Heavy solid Aluminum 6.5x14 snare in great shape, just see a scratch on the butt plate panel. Drum features die cast hoops and functioning Nickel throwoff. Made in 2003, I got this with the help of Treviso Rob Dotto when he was endorsing Canopus, so it has his name on...
  3. Drumbelly

    SOLD!Ludwig 6.5x14 Supraphonic Monroe badge excellent SOLD!

    This is a very fine example of a Monroe badge era 6.5x14 Supraphonic. It appears all stock except for the batter head and the little black doo dads that were on the tension rods. Drum is really in exceptional condition and I don’t see a pit or a scratch, (just fingerprints) photos were difficult...
  4. Drumbelly

    SOLD Ludwig 6.5x14 circa 79 Black Beauty really nice SOLD

    I am selling my trusty 1979 Ludwig Black Beauty. This one is in really nice shape and comes with a recent Atlas case. The original reso head popped during shipping but has been replaced with a new Ludwig resonant head. The 6.5x14 black beauty 70s reissue is the standard for recording and all...
  5. Drumbelly

    SOLD!Rogers Red Sparkle Dynasonic 5x14 circa 64/65SOLD!

    Very nice 64/65 red sparkle wood Dynasonic serial #6458. Missing one snare wire, a couple small rub marks on the muffler panel that are very hard to see. Minor pitting and corrosion on chrome. One very small ding on bottom edge. Overall a very nice unaltered drum. Asking $2000 or best offer...
  6. Drumbelly

    SOLD 1966 5x14 Supraphonic brass hoops SOLD

    This a fairly nice 5x14 Ludwig Supra from Sept 13 1966 I think, it is hard to see the ink stamp. I wiped it down ok but should come up very nicely if detailed. I am the second owner and this drum has always had Ludwig COB hoops on it. Not sure if original to the drum, but it ads a certain...
  7. Drumbelly

    SOLD Dunnett Classic Polished Titanium 5.5x14 SOLD

    This is a pretty nice Dunnett Classic Titanium 5.5x14 in the unusual polished finish, most of these I’ve seen are in the “raw” finish. The drum is in excellent overall condition and sports 42 strand wires, Dunnett patented throw off and butt, and Remo Ambassador heads. Born on date is 11-7-11...
  8. Drumbelly

    And then I sent it to Mike Curotto...

    So Mike Curotto just did a restoration on an old mystery drum I found that was incorrectly listed on EBay, originally found here: Here is “The Story“ from Mike: Here’s the story: “When I saw your photos I was not sure what...
  9. Drumbelly

    Ludwig brass tuber on Ebay

    So this drum was listed on eBay earlier this week and looked like it sold for over $600, but was soon re listed taking offers. I put in a lowball offer and they accepted, but not 100% sure what I’ve got. It appears to be a Ludwig 8 lug 2pc brass 5x14, but the hardware seems to be either Artgold...
  10. Drumbelly

    Gretsch Millennium maple bass drum wanted

    I'm looking to complete a Gretsch kit with a bass drum. I've got the toms I am just looking for a natural maple bass drum in good shape, any size considered (18,20,22,). Preferably square badge and with the post 1980s rectangular mount. Let me know whatcha got, thanks!
  11. Drumbelly

    G. Way Carter McLean 7x14 sig snare 2ply Acacia wood

    George Way 7x14 2ply Acacia wood Carter McLean signature snare drum in mint condition. The drum was tuned and played for 5 minutes, comes with Drumseeker bag! I am pretty sure these drums are sold out or no longer available. 2 ply Acacia wood with reinforcements top and bottom, high gloss...
  12. Drumbelly

    SOLD-Bosporus 14” Latin Hats-SOLD

    This pair of 14” Bosphorus Latin Hats are in great shape with little to no wear, just some finger prints. Top is 1003g bottom is 1300g. Very versatile hats they are and they can be yours for $275 OBO shipped to the Lower 48
  13. Drumbelly

    Ludwig L-2005 Engraved Black Beauty SOLD!

    This drum has been stored in the factory case with papers and keys in its factory box marked L2005 #103. The drum is essentially mint aside from some fingerprints from handling. It is #103 of 150 Aldridge engraved Ludwig Black Beauties. There are some minor marks at the bottom corner of the case...
  14. Drumbelly

    SOLD! Canopus Zelkova 6.5x14 carved out of tree trunk snare drum SOLD!

    This Canopus Zelkova is the company’s flagship snare drum model. Carved out of a solid tree trunk for the most stable shell design. 8 tube lugs and diecast hoops are standard equipment for this baby. Condition is hardly played on-excellent plus. Price on a new one of these is aroun$ $1550...
  15. Drumbelly

    SOLD! Canopus Solid Walnut 5.5x14 SOLD!

    My next offering is a Canopus solid walnut snare drum. This features a solid walnut shell with no reinforcement rings. The sound is very cutting and focused with a nice tuning range due to the unrestricted shell and die cast hoops. I have heard that Vinny C. dug this particular drum when he...
  16. Drumbelly

    Rob Kampa 5.5x14 solid maple reclaimed from Lake Superior

    This is a True North solid maple shell I got a long time ago that was supposed to made from reclaimed wood. I let Rob Kampa from Magstar Drums to complete the drum for me. This drum sounds like a Radio King on steroids and there is also some Birdseye present in the shell. 8 brass tube lugs and...
  17. Drumbelly

    SOLD! 40s WFL Super Classic Buddy Rich snare WMP Sold!

    I got this drum to use with a WFL set I had, but the set has since been sold. I am not an expert, but this appears to be a 1940s aluminum badged 8 lug 5.5x14 Buddy Rich snare with early type Classic strainer (different hole spacing than 50s-60s) and P-32 butt in nickel. A magnet does not stick...
  18. Drumbelly

    SOLD!Ludwig Black Acrolite 6.5x14 SOLD

    I got this in a trade some years back and never played it. It’s a Ludwig 10 lug 6.5x14 Black Acrolite in very nice shape. Has original Ludwig heads, but somewhere at some point the snares were changed to Puresound Custom Pro. Asking $285 OBO shipped to the Lower 48. No trades at this time.
  19. Drumbelly

    SOLD! Rogers Red Onyx Dayton 5x14 Dynasonic- all original SOLD!

    Ok so I got this cool drum in a trade. It appears to be all original including heads, frame, and has flathead tension rods. Serial number is 10597. Shell is in great shape with no splits or gashes in the wrap. The heads have never been removed and the muffler pad is black. There are a couple...
  20. Drumbelly

    SOLD! Joyful Noise TKO 10th Anniversary 5x14 #5 SOLD!

    I am putting this amazing drum on the block. It is a Joyful Noise 10th Anniversary TKO 5x14 #5 with a John Aldridge engraved panel noting the 10 year anniversary. The drum is #5 of only 5 made. Features heavy seamless brass shell, JNDC throw, NOB Corder tube lugs, Puresound wires, NOB 10 lug...