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    DW Jazz Series 3 piece gum/maple drum kit $1899.99

    $1899.99 cash, venmo, zeelw, or paypal gift with pickup in NYC. Regular paypal will add on 3%. Shipping will run from $135 locally within New York, NJ, and Ct. Out west could run $185 or so. NEW HEADS on 12” and 14” resonant sides(DW clear on the 12” and 14” Remo clear ambassador on the...
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    DW Collectors 5” x 14” maple snare drum SOLD

    $330 Venmo or cash with local pickup. If shipping , $-25 $50(west coast). Paypal? Please add $10. Great shape. Shell is mint. From 2004. Very minimal small marks on chrome in a few places. UPDATED DW badge! NEW batter head. A beautiful wood grain Satin oil finish.
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    SOLD. DW Collectors 5”x13” CAST heavy 3mm BRONZE snare drum $550

    From the early 2000s. If you’re a DW guy, you know the deal. Heavy like a DW Edge. Thick cast shell. Extremely tough to find! DW COLLECTORS SOLID BRONZE 3mm THICK 5”x13” snare drum from the early 2000s. Great shape. Shell is smooth. Some light wear on chrome. A beautiful patina in places on the...
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    DW Dunnett strainer : SOLD

    Great shape. Tough to find. $48.99 plus $5.95 to ship
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    Pearl Masterworks 5 piece - SOLD

    $1750 plus shipping($150 East of the Mississippi and $200 west). Cash, Venmo, or add 4% for PayPal. Thanks Pics: Pearl MASTERWORKS 2009 Special order - orange sparkle lacquer ...
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    $799 plus shipping. venmo, or cash. Add 4% for PayPal straight up. Thanks . Absolutely great condition - LAQUER is mint. Exotic finish, Craviotto shell. Slightly used heads.
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    SOLD. DW CRAVIOTTO signed 5.5”x14”

    Great condition. Edges are perfect. Signed by the man himself in 2001. A few tiny impressions on wood ( see pic with Craviotto badge - it’s small) . Hardware in very good shape. Evans head on top. Cash, Venmo, or PayPal to ship(add $20 plus shipping). Thanks
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    DW Super Solid EDGE 6"x14" snare drum: SOLD

    Tough to find! Near mint condition [I don't see any blemishes]. Walnut center with maple rings. $850 plus shipping. (Cash, Venmo ; or PayPal - Add 4% for PayPal straight up.) For pics: