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    RARE Legend drum kit in the beautiful Honey Amber lacquer finish. 14x18 VIRGIN Bass drum 8x8 and 8x10 mounted toms 14x14 floor tom 5x14 snare with factory die cast hoops This would be an outstanding jazz/be-bop kit. It is a players kit, so it has some nicks and bumps and scratches. I...
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    Roland TD-12 percussion sound module

    This module is in excellent condition. Display is issues at all. Comes with power cord, manual, and Gibraltar metal mounting plate. $425. Shipping is flat $20 to lower US.
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    LEGEND drums

    I just picked up a LEGEND kit.....hoping someone here can help me decipher a few things....... The kit is yellow lacquer and appers to be in really good shape. All bearing edges are good, finish is good, hardware is surprisingly good. All drums have a paper tag on the inside that has model...