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    Joel Stevenett Tribute: Cornelius "Neil" Peart

    The Joel Stevenett Tribute Video on, RUSH R40 - A Tribute to Neil Peart by PAISTE Artist Joel Stevenett feat. Signature Cymbals! THE Tribute Cornelius "Neil" Peart Video of 2016 was not long after "Neil" retired with RUSH during 2015. The Joel Stevenett video, and others of "Neil"...
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    Cornelius Ellwood Peart Rest In Peace

    ...A Fond Farewell To "Neil" Peart!
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    Drums, Drums, Drums...

    I went to see Buddy Rich in the 1980s... he, and so many other Jazz drummers, used a Marching Bass drum for his kick drum!
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    Neil Peart, Dead at 67? Hard to believe!

    Neil Peart was always merely described as one of the very best drummers of all time, an inspiration... Not accurate, and not adequate: for example, to describe Neil Peart as one the best drummers means he was merely a player, as in a drummer in a school band like most school band members, nearly...