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    TAMA toms interchangeable?

    Hi friends, I have a 1997(?) TAMA swingstar and wanting to change out the power toms (12x10 & 13x11) for fast toms. Will the existing Tom holder accommodate Imperialstar toms or any other model of TAMA? Thanks,
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    Who made this snare?

    I purchased a used kit that came with this 8 lug “super 500” snare it has a Tama strainer, but I could not find any info when searching Tama super 500. Anyone know who manufactured this snare? Thanks!
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    Cracked shell repair

    Hello, Having a midlife crisis I decided I must learn to drum. Went online and purchased a Tama Swingstar kit. After unboxing, I noticed a hairline crack running the length of the Tom shell along the lugs. Anyone have any suggestions on how to repair this? It doesn’t look very deep, but I’d...