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  1. fibes3

    Pearl SO 25 replacement snare wires

    Does anyone know of a replacement for Pearl's SO25 snare wires? The ones that fit the Free Floating system. These seem to be getting harder to find and I couldn't find anything on the Pearl website. As always, thanks for your help.
  2. fibes3

    Software for Drum Notations

    I was going through one of my method books, specifically "Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer" by Jim Chapin ( Latest edition). I noticed the type looks like the original and somewhat blurred. Is there a relatively inexpensive notation/transcription program to allow one to recopy a page...
  3. fibes3

    Fibes snare project finally completed.

    Have a Fibes fiberglass shell (6 * 14) with original lugs that I've had in storage. Finally put it together this last week. Chrome wrap from Walopus, Indie strainer and butt plate, Tama snare wires, Remo snare head, and generic Fiberskyn batter head. At some point I want to send it to Pro Drum...
  4. fibes3

    8 or 10 lug snare.

    Other than 2 lugs, what are the differences in an 8 lug snare and a 10 lug snare? Using a 5.5 x 14" snare as an example. Thanks.
  5. fibes3

    Double sided carpet tape for drum wrap

    Anyone have an extra 6 inch long piece of double sided carpet tape to use on a drum wrap. I don't really need an entire roll and would like to avoid going out in the general public these days. Thank you. Cheers! Dave
  6. fibes3

    DVD Documentary about Tower Records

    Just watched the documentary: "All Things Must Pass", about Tower Records. Highly recommended!
  7. fibes3

    Simon Phillips "Space Boogie" transcript

    Ran across this in Issue 10 of Drumhead magazine.
  8. fibes3

    Walopus Wrap question

    Anyone ever recover a snare drum with Walopus chrome wrap? Any pictures? Thanks. Dave
  9. fibes3

    Drumhead Magazine website problem

    Does anyone have problems logging on to Drumhead Magazine's website and app? I recently resubscribed for both the hard copy and download. However I keep getting responses that my login password and password or bad. This has happened after I have reset my password. I have been contacting Josie...
  10. fibes3

    Ghost Pedal Restoration

    Has anyone used Revitalizer in Maryland to refurbish a Ghost pedal. Or another vendor to rehab a Ghost pedal? Thanks! Dave
  11. fibes3

    Snare Wire Question

    I am rebuilding an old Fibes fiberglass snare drum using an Indie strainer and conventional rims. What snare wires would you recommend? Thanks. Dave
  12. fibes3

    Terry Bozzio DVD availability?

    Does anyone know if there's a DVD if Jeff Beck when he toured with Terry Bozzio for the Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop album? I've seen a few clips on YouTube but I was interested in a legal professionally produced copy. Thanks!
  13. fibes3

    Roto tom question

    Has anyone used a remo tympani head on a roto tom? What is your opinion of them? Thanks
  14. fibes3

    Definition of an Ostinato

    Gentleman, Excuse my ignorance but what exactly is an ostinato? My understanding of the definition is it is a pattern of music. Thanks! Dave
  15. fibes3

    Lug Plating

    Gentlemen, Can a chrome drum lug be replated to brass? Thanks. Dave
  16. fibes3

    List of Current Fiberglass Producers

    I'm currently fighting the ravages of the flu and am overcome by tediousness. As a fan a of Fibes fiberglass drums and fiberglass drums in general. I came up with this list of current (as far as I know) fiberglass producers. Jenkins-Martin Mair (Ming) Monolith Percussion Lane Kennington (who...
  17. fibes3

    Snare Drum Rebuild

    Gentlemen, I have a 5 x 14 snare shell that I am going to rebuild. I wanted to use a Rogers snare wire rail with an RCK strainer. Would it make much of a difference to use the RCK or should I stay with the Rogers clockface strainer? Thanks
  18. fibes3

    DW Concrete snare drum

    Saw an article recently on a concrete snare drum made by Drum Workshop. Has anyone played one and what's your opinion of them? Cheers!
  19. fibes3

    Anyone Familiar with Bello Drums?

    Saw they were for sale a while back. Now...they're not. Always interested in a fiberglass drum producer. What little I could find about them, they seem to produce a solid product.
  20. fibes3

    Hi Hat stand for double pedal bass

    Looking for recommendations for a budget hi-hat stand for use with a double pedal bass set-up. Thanks