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    Paul Jamieson is closing his studio business

    Burnt Orange?
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    1950s Gretsch RB BDP Bass Drum Restoration...COMPLETE!

    That bass drum is not a 50's, paper tags came in 63'. Nice drum!
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    Hi Mike , are any of these drums painted white on the inside?
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    Vintage Gretsch Snare Drum Family Photo

    What is the gretsch brass SSB drum at bottom of the stack?
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    need help dating a gretsch round badge

    Early 70's SS BD's had had 2 pt. Rails.
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    need help dating a gretsch round badge

    Bass drum grommet is smaller size, probably originally a 70's stop sign replaced with earlier RB snare drum badge
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    Delaware Drum Show

    Yes, it was a great drum show and chance to hang with my brothers. Great seeing you after so long Sean(Bopmann)
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    Thoughts on what this is???

    It looks similar to a Duplex drum.
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    George Way - 6.5 Snare

    Hoops aren't original
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    Old Swingstars.....

    You are TRULY COOL Bopmann !! ????
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    6 ply Gretsh Shell

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    Camco Restoration Advice

    Jack Lawton does good work on all drums
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    Walberg & Auge?

    I've got 2 w&a kits 71'&74,both are Gretsch 6 ply ,silver interior, hand signed by RGB
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    Sonor Lite Bop Kit- "Tony DeJohnette"

    I always loved that kit Bopmann !
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    Where to buy Acquarian American Vintage Heads

    Remo now makes "oversized" heads called"Classic Fit"in ambassador coated, clear, and fiberskyn.
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    Source for W&A hex drum key

    5/16"banjo key. Stewart Mac supply house
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    gretsch off center bass drum badge

    Look at Gretsch 1954 catalog,One nighter outfit. Bass drum badge is just like that.
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    Radio King in local Christmas display?

    30s professional model