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  1. rstange1

    Why vintage hardware?

    20" Bettis Reverse China Crash, 1568g. It's a keeper!
  2. rstange1

    Why vintage hardware?

    That whole room is vintage! Super cool!
  3. rstange1

    Why vintage hardware?

    A couple other things occurred to me about vintage cymbal stands. If I want to gig with any of my old Ks, all of my modern stands have an 8mm shaft, which is too large for the old K's small mount hole. My vintage stands were made for such things. Another benefit of my vintage setup is my Rogers...
  4. rstange1

    Why vintage hardware?

    Hmm. Good question! For me there's an intrinsic value to some material things (like musical instruments, cars, etc.) that have survived beyond their normal service life. So, in addition to liking the sound of my vintage kit, I like it just because it has endured for so long. Vintage drums have...
  5. rstange1

    18 14 12 14 kits... Snare tuning question

    Generally, snare tuned higher for me. Although I've heard some killer playing on kits with the snare lower. I like what I'm hearing in the tuning of the kit in the vid below. I've tried to replicate it at home and it sparks some creativity in my playing I didn't know was there.
  6. rstange1

    Storing the little things

    I use the box that one of my snare drums came in when new. Inside the box things are roughly sorted and stored in plastic bags. I rarely go in there looking for anything so it does not need to be any more efficient or accessible. If I outgrow the box, I have more. :)
  7. rstange1

    quieter jazz ride?

    Drifting away from the mainstream a bit, how about this little beauty (not mine, but for sale here on the forum): 22" Ottaviano Tribute 2075g
  8. rstange1

    Sonor Vintage, 4 pce in California Blue

    I have a vintage WMP 22/13/16 Rogers Celebrity kit that is in almost new condition (my worship/big band/rock kit) and a red sparkle Canopus Yaiba Bop kit. I wasn't really looking for a vintage kit when I found the Rogers kit for sale locally a few years ago. Now I'm really attached to it. The...
  9. rstange1

    Sonor Vintage, 4 pce in California Blue

    I've never played a Sonor kit before. This one makes me want to! Not sure what's drawing me to it but it sure catches my eye.
  10. rstange1

    OT-Thinking about a used Miata

    My wife and I helped our daughter buy her first car when she finished her undergraduate degree. Dad's influence had rubbed off on her and she wanted a Miata too. That was 10 years ago (car was 15 years old at the time) and she's still driving it. Shortly after getting her Miata, my daughter...
  11. rstange1

    OT-Thinking about a used Miata

    The trunk in my '05 is even somewhat drummer friendly. I frequently pack a snare, loaded 22" cymbal bag, bass drum pedal carry bag, stick roll and a cymbal stand or two to gigs that have a house kit.
  12. rstange1

    OT-Thinking about a used Miata

    Can't go wrong with a Miata. I've been driving one for almost 20 years. They are bullet proof and by far the most fun per automotive $ out there. My current Miata is 2005.
  13. rstange1

    One up, one down

    Another one up, one down. This little guy is 10.
  14. rstange1

    Ayotte Bop Kit

    So far, all the Ayotte bop kits I've seen had a 16" deep bass drum. No idea why. Not only does the (what appears to be original branded) reso head have a hole, but it appears to be cut by hand :wacko:. Oh well, I'd put a Remo Fiberskyn on there and be happy! Alas, all rhetoric as the kit has sold.
  15. rstange1

    Ayotte Bop Kit

    I know. We could start a support group... Must resist...
  16. rstange1

    Ayotte Bop Kit

    Would an Ayotte wood hoop bop kit from the 90s be considered vintage? Nonetheless, what a beauty.
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    OT actors in movies that could never be played by anyone else

    Peter Sellers -- The Party Dustin Hoffman -- Rain Man Rami Malek -- Bohemian Rhapsody
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    Sabian 21" Artisan Vault Medium Ride Cymbal

    Price: US$350 includes shipping to US lower 48 or Canada Payment options: PayPal or Interac This cymbal is in excellent condition with no structural flaws, slight cosmetic wear and the beginning of a nice patina. Ink logos remain intact front and back with very little wear. Sabian only made...
  19. rstange1

    Ringo kit up for sale

    Looked like an honest description when I saw it on Dave's website this morning. Knew it would sell fast. The price on Dave's website is CDN$ and the Reverb price was likely US$ depending on where you live.
  20. rstange1

    Online Bass lessons on YouTube

    Here's something to check out. Interested in what you think: