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    WTT: Agop 22" Sig for my Agops??

    Hey everybody, Wanting to mix up my setup a bit. Looking to trade either my 22" Agop Vezir Jazz (2206g) or a 20" Agop 30th Ann. (1980g) for a 22" Agop Sig ride. I've also got an 18" Agop SE Jazz flat I could offer up too. Take care!
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    WTB Istanbul Agop 18" Epoch

    Looking to buy one in good condition. Thanks!
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    My Agops for newer 5x14" Gretsch USA COB

    Hey all! Looking for this snare. Have lots of Agops to work a deal, but could potentially buy outright. Thanks!
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    WTB Istanbul Agop 20" Vezir Ride

    Hey everybody! Looking to buy a 20" Agop Vezir Ride. Not the Vezir Jazz, but the regular heavier weight. Looking for a newer label that looks like this: I've also got some Agops that I could trade: Thanks!
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    FOUND: Istanbul Agop 21" Sig Ride

    Hey all! Looking for one in the 1800-1950g range. I have a bunch of Agop cymbals I could also work into a trade, including a 22" OM, 22" SE TW, 15" 30th hats, 20" Mel, 20" Sig and a 21" Sultan flat ride. Thanks for looking and stay healthy!
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    Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary

    Hey everyone! I'm unsure if this has been covered before--apologies if this is redundant. I play a set of Agop 30th's and I've always been preoccupied with the different "generations" of this line. I've bought and sold a number of them, and currently, just by coincidence I seem to have a set...
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    WANTED: Istanbul Agop Mel Lewis 13" Hi Hats

    Looking for a set of these, preferably not too thin. Seems like a long shot, but I can offer up a really nice and thin Agop 21" Sultan china. I also have some beautiful 16" natural maple tom hoops from Stellar Drums with a WMP inlay. They're mint!
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    WTB Istanbul Agop 22" Vezir Jazz Ride

    If anyone has one of these they are looking to move, I would be very interested. I have a 22" Agop SE Jazz I could offer for trade (some other smaller Agops available as well). Thanks!
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    WTB Istanbul Agop Sultan Flat Ride

    In a perfect world, someone would have a 21" to sell, but 20" could work too. Anyone have one lying around? Will pay, or have several nice Agops for trade.
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    WTB Istanbul Agop Traditional Swish 20"

    On the hunt for one of these older Agop Trad swishes, ideally 20"
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    Looking for an Istanbul Agop 21" Vezir Jazz Ride

    Hey all! I would love to take one off someone's hands. Thanks!
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    Istanbul Agop Epoch 20" Crash

    Looking for a thin one. Happy to buy, or have several very nice Agops available for trade, including a 21" Sig (2060g), 14" Mel Lewis hi hats, 18" SE Jazz flat ride, 20" Sig flat ride, 20" Turk flat ride. Thanks!
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    Istanbul Agop 20" SE Jazz Ride, thin

    Hi all, Looking for a thin 20" Agop SE Jazz Ride. Something under 1800g. I would be willing to buy, but also have a number of Agops available for trade, including 14" Mel Lewis hats, 20" Sig flat ride, and an 18" SE Jazz flat ride, all in near mint condition. Thanks!
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    Wanted: Istanbul Agop Swish/China/Pang

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for an Istanbul Agop Traditional Swish cymbal, 20-22". This might be hard to find, so I'd potentially go for an Agop Traditional China or Pang. Let me know if anyone has one they don't need!
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    Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 20" Ride

    Hello all! Seeking a used Agop 30th 20" ride, somewhere below the 2000g range. I'm looking specifically for the more recent generation of 30th's: deep, heavy hammering, uneven lathing, and a rich gold color. Cheers! Nate