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  1. dogmanaut

    Odery Cafe Kit?

    Probably a long shot, but anyone have one of these they’re not using? Would prefer a trade, if possible — I’ve got cymbals and other gear coming out my ears, so a lot of options potentially. Let me know!
  2. dogmanaut

    Byrne 24" Vintage Series Ride (video)

    Ah, man... if only that shirt were a large! :P Very, very cool cymbal. Wish I had the dough.
  3. dogmanaut

    Club Custom Orange 24-13-16

    Glad I could be of service.
  4. dogmanaut

    24" Ride Cymbal

    I’ve owned a ridonculous number of 24s. Actually... own, present tense. Love ‘em. I personally like my rides thin, but if you want something a little more versatile, I find that the semi-lathed/raw models of Turkish cymbals in the 2900-3000g range are a good balance between stick and wash. A...
  5. dogmanaut

    Sabian Artisan medium ride-SOLD

    That’s a bonkers price for an Artisan...
  6. dogmanaut

    Yamaha Club Customs

    Yeah, there have been a ridiculous number of CCs popping up for sale lately. I’ve been watching them for years, and I can’t remember the last time I saw this many all at once. Particularly Black Swirls.
  7. dogmanaut

    A whole bunch of cymbals

    Well, the time has come once again to let some things go. I have t had a chance to photograph all of these yet, but I’ll try to update the listing ASAP. Prices do not include shipping from Richmond, VA -22” K Custom High Definition Ride prototype - $350 -23” K Custom Special Dry Ride - $375...
  8. dogmanaut


    Good price on a 5-piece set of newer Tour Customs:
  9. dogmanaut

    Yamaha Club Customs

    Posted this in the eBay/CL thread, but just in case anyone here didn’t see it, these popped up on FB — 20/10/12/16 + snare in Black Swirl:
  10. dogmanaut


    Black Swirl Club Customs (20/10/12/16 + snare) for $2,200 in NY:
  11. dogmanaut

    Are Premier Elite Maple snares made in England?

    Congrats. I used to own an identical one. Beautiful, well-made drum, and those diecast hoops are the bees’ knees. One of the few snares I kind of regret selling, actually. I think you’ll be very pleased with it.
  12. dogmanaut

    Yamaha Club Customs

    Thanks, guys. I’m pretty psyched. I’ve been on the hunt for these for a VERY long time. I got close a couple times last year when a guy listed a 24/13/16 on Kijiji in Toronto, and then again when he traded it in to his local Long & McQuade, but I couldn’t ever get things to work out. As far as...
  13. dogmanaut

    Yamaha Club Customs

    Well, I did it. I was going to wait until they arrived to gloat, but I can’t help it. Yesterday I scored a set of CCs on eBay in exactly the finish (Dark Wood) and sizes (22/13/16) I wanted, which means I’ll have an almost complete shell bank (18” and 22” basses, a snare, and every tom from...
  14. dogmanaut

    Yamaha Club Customs

    Sorry, man. I should have messaged you directly about it instead of just posting it and hoping it found its way to the right person.
  15. dogmanaut

    thoughts on jelly bean, lifesaver kits, popular or passe ??

    Using the best individual drums for their sound without concern for brand or looks? Yeah, I like that. Mismatched is totally fine with drums just like cymbals. But intentional jellybean kits with one drum of each color, all from the same brand/line? Not my thing, personally.
  16. dogmanaut

    Would you get your first kit back?

  17. dogmanaut

    TRADED: Dream Dark Matter Flat Earth Ride 22" BRAND NEW

    What kind of trades would you be looking for?