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  1. wolfereeno

    OT: Anyone watching the Tour?

    Thankfully my wife watches with me. But I'm a fanatic and try to watch it post to post. Lately though I do a lot of fast forwarding.
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    The orphanage - drums to complete your set

    Seeking Fibes Frost (shower door finish) floor tom (any size) or a regular clear Fibes FT (14").
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    How much music are you listening to that actually shuffles like you want to play? Learning to play like Bernard Purdie is admirable but listening and playing grooving tunes and becoming a fan is a shortcut you shouldn't avoid. FWIW, a lot of Hammond Organ Jazz is heavy into the mid tempo...
  4. wolfereeno

    Hi-Hats for Soul, Funk, and hip-hop (boom bap) [with occasional alt-rock thrown in]

    The memphis drum shop samples are highly useful for checking out stuff remotely. I use it all the time. I like to have options so I can switch top/bottom around and mix and match. Orphan HH cymbals are easy to find and fairly inexpensive. So I mix and match out of a small collection I've...
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    22" Zildjian K Dark Medium vs. 22" Istanbul Agop Mantra ride?

    Hey, feel free to buy it. It's probably still on itunes. But the longform MP3's are free. ;-) I was just checking out the pictures of the studio. Geez it was a highly cool but frustrating experience! lol
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    22" Zildjian K Dark Medium vs. 22" Istanbul Agop Mantra ride?

    HAHA Thank you very much! A few years ago we made the CD free if you downloaded the whole side A and B. I figured anyone would could make it through the whole thing should have it free. No one was buying it and the streams add up to like $9 a year! Here's side B. There should be a...
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    (Sold) Tempus Kit

    Hey, so what was the thinking behind the sizes? Kind of strange choices.
  8. wolfereeno

    22" Zildjian K Dark Medium vs. 22" Istanbul Agop Mantra ride?

    Who me? With the wolfhaven guys probably either a Steve Gadd NT, or a Jojo Mayer wood tip. I used those cymbals with an even louder band called Blockhouses, that pretty much turned me off to ever playing that loud again! I just hated being stuck next to the guitarists Marshall half stack...
  9. wolfereeno

    22" Zildjian K Dark Medium vs. 22" Istanbul Agop Mantra ride?

    All that subtlety almost makes me feel guilting bashing the sheeet out of mine. Almost!... I'm pretty sure I used it on all but one song when I recorded with these crazy burnouts many moons ago.
  10. wolfereeno

    22" Zildjian K Dark Medium vs. 22" Istanbul Agop Mantra ride?

    I love the K Dark Medium. Its my favorite cymbal for louder rock gigs by far. I own 3. However! I've found they're somewhat susceptible to cracking in the deep tone grooves, mid bow. You start to hear a buzzing and finding the crack is quite hard. I've cracked two, fixed one by chopping...
  11. wolfereeno

    quieter jazz ride?

    FWIW, my quietest rides are Agop 17 flat, Agop 25th anniv (I own two), Kerope 19 crash ride. The 17 flat is a strange one. I think someone just gave it to me. The 25th and the Keropes are really nice sounding. No need for a second cymbal.
  12. wolfereeno

    21 Minute Jazz Ramp by Tommy Igoe?

    My two favs.
  13. wolfereeno

    20” K Custom Left Side ride for sale

    Looks like you have the 20 and the 22. I love either as a main ride. My studio mate also has a 22 that's even drier than mine. I wish I could switch it on him!
  14. wolfereeno

    SOLD - Bettis Modified 20" Sabian Flat Ride

    I'd love to hear this one!
  15. wolfereeno

    Fibes plexi floor tom?

    Preferably a 14 Thx!
  16. wolfereeno

    Wanted - Whitney Nesting Penguin Kit

    Gorgeous drums - why do you keep selling them?!
  17. wolfereeno

    Modern Drum Shop nyc jazz kit for sale

    I'd keep that one too if I were you. Useful and it won't lose value. I loved going to MDS and talking to Joe C about the drums they were building.
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    Bruford's Candid Interview!

    the BB heads have no doubt heard this but if not, this UK record is unique. I've owned 5 copies and counting. I just kept wearing them out or giving them away. I was already a fan of his for years and when I saw this UK was about to do a second tour in 1980. So I scratched together money...
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    Bruford's Candid Interview!

  20. wolfereeno

    Bruford's Candid Interview!

    been a while since I've read it. I don't recall him having an issue with Phil, just that Genesis was so structured. At least KC was a good part improvisation. The quote that stuck with me was his talking about the early days of Yes and touring England in a Van. He said, the pecking order of...