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  1. Living Dead Drummer

    New Animated Music Video

    I think they got my likeness rather well...
  2. Living Dead Drummer

    Interview on Hellfire Radio

    Talking about being a session guy in the age of Covid...
  3. Living Dead Drummer

    Batter Heads Podcast 003 Nate Morton!

    Episode 3 of my YouTube series Batter Heads is now available, featuring Nate Morton from NBC’s The Voice.
  4. Living Dead Drummer

    How To Play "Monster On My Back"

    Got another "How To" video fro a song I recorded last year with The Rhythm Coffin. Here's "How To Play: MONSTER ON MY BACK"
  5. Living Dead Drummer

    Custom "Black Beauty" 14" x 5.5" $200 OBO

    14" x 5.5" "Black beauty" 1.5mm brass shell with black chrome plating. Made in Taiwan, no logos, or branding of any kind. Purchased new in 2003, use primarily in the studio, but was taken on the road a few times.
  6. Living Dead Drummer

    New Episode of my Drumming Podcast "Batter Heads" with Andy Selway of KMFDM

    Episode 002 of my YouTube series is now available with my guest Andy Selway of KMFDM! This particular group is responsible for my of my personal taste in music, as well as the path a large chunk of my career has taken, working with groups in the industrial genre. It's shorter than the last...
  7. Living Dead Drummer

    Interview on

    Hey Gang, I sat down for an interview with recently and talked about being a working musician in the "covid-age." Things like doing remote session work, teaching online lessons, my new drummer podcast, "Batter Heads," and much more! Hope you enjoy the read.
  8. Living Dead Drummer

    "How To" Drum Video

    I'm not really into the "drum cover" thing, however I have decided to start making drum videos. These will be a series of "How To" videos, demonstrating how to play songs from original artists that I have either recorded or toured with. The first is "FREAK SHOW" by the U.K. based industrial...
  9. Living Dead Drummer

    Drumheads Podcast 001 - Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz

    Believe it or not I cut 45 min out of it!! I'm going to release a "Bermuda Bonus Round" down the link with the extra content. I think we chatted for about 30 min before I even hit record, and maybe another 30 after I stopped recording, lol! The next episode is with Andy Selway of KMFDM and is...
  10. Living Dead Drummer

    Drumheads Podcast 001 - Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz

    The first episode of my new drummer podcast is now available!
  11. Living Dead Drummer

    New Drum Podcast

    I’ve started a podcast! Official statement below: ⚠️ANNOUNCEMENT⚠️ Introducing Batter Heads Podcast! Beginning next week, and airing the 2nd and 4th Tuesday’s of every month I’ll be sitting down for casual chats with some of the top drummers in the industry. Guests will include Jon “Bermuda”...
  12. Living Dead Drummer

    Two toms mounted on bass drum

    I got away from mounted Toms on the kick in the early 2000’s, however by 2011/2012 I went back to it. It was when I got a late 80’s set of Recording Customs. That was the first kit I owned in over 10 years that had a mount on the kick. It was just simpler and easier. After that I moved back to...
  13. Living Dead Drummer

    WNY drummers - Buffalo Drum Outlet is closing

    This one hurts! I bought my first kit from Paul when I was a kid, and have been a life-long customer and friend. Paul, myself, and a few other guys used to go out for Monday night football and wings, and even after I moved out of WNY I would still go and visit him anytime I was in town. In fact...
  14. Living Dead Drummer

    Yamaha Crosstown Hardware

    I've used it a handful of times. Outstanding stuff!!! Perfect for bar gigs.
  15. Living Dead Drummer

    Anyone does recording and music production at home? (Bedroom studio)

    I use my MacBook Air for recording and it does just fine. I run Logic Pro X, and have been doing recording sessions remotely for the last 4+ months without issue. Honestly I don't know the specs of my MacBook. I just know it works, lol.
  16. Living Dead Drummer

    Escape From NY (cover)

    I partnered with a Keyboardist friend and we did a faithful recreation of John Carpenter's iconic "Main Titles" from Escape From NY. Enjoy!
  17. Living Dead Drummer

    video streaming vs audio

    I've been teaching online lessons for a few years, but due to the pandemic had to switch ALL of my lessons to online for the last couple months. I've found Zoom to work best with the clearest audio/video sync. I'm running my kit miced up with the Yamaha EAD10, and running that though an...
  18. Living Dead Drummer

    Where can I get Regal 8A Maple

    As mentioned before, prior to the Covid crap they were retooling machinery. Then the Gov. in NY shut them down for the Pandemic. That's the last I spoke with them. Now that things are opening back up I'm going to be reaching out again soon, as I'm starting to run low on sticks. Will keep you all...
  19. Living Dead Drummer

    Yamaha's New Portable Drum Kit: Stage Custom Hip

    I checked these out over the weekend. I dig'em, and see where they would really come in handy. I think the part I liked best is that the Floor Tom is also a 2nd snare. Not sure where I would get much use out of that, having to sacrifice having that extra tom for a song, or at least parts of a...
  20. Living Dead Drummer

    Gig etiquette: When do you "force" the other drummer off the stage?

    As stated before, I tend to be blunt, but polite. If I see a drummer unscrewing his cymbals I'll just right up there and ask if he/she would like help. Kind of a "hint hint" and if they don't get it, then I'll be a little more blunt. "I hate to rush you, but..."