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  1. DanRH

    My studio is just about ready

    I've been using the drum shed as a rehearsal space so long...then COVID hit. Now, I've gone back to reverting back to a studio for primarily recording acoustics and then some Hammond work. I recently got a Stage Custom kit (great drums for the money). I even got an 8" ($89 on Amazon) and now...
  2. DanRH

    Yamaha Rock Tour Customs or Tour Customs?

    Tell you what. Save yourself some money and get some Stage Customs. I've got RC's, Club Customs and an AHM on order and the Stage Customs are great drums. Especially for the ridiculous amount they charge for them. Just sayin...
  3. DanRH

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    My new Stage Custom kit in my studio. I haven't had an 8" tom in a long time. Kinda diggin' it.
  4. DanRH

    Sabian 19" XSR Monarch Ride

    Barely used. It's dark and ugly. But it's in great shape and if dark is what you like, here you go. $145 Shipped, lower 48.
  5. DanRH

    20" Paiste 502 Ride - $50 shipped

    Hey All, selling this ride. It's a surprisingly good ride cymbal. No issues except it's a little dirty. $50 shipped in lower 48.
  6. DanRH

    OT: Anyone watching the Tour?

    Yes it was!
  7. DanRH

    What genre do you mostly play?

    One is my Petty trib band but the other is 70-80’s rock, R&B, funk.
  8. DanRH

    Drum Shoes

    I picked up a pair of those Virgil Donati Urban Boards shoes. I like em except I got them too small. I could’ve returned them but ended up using them at some shows last year. I’d get them again choosing the right size.
  9. DanRH

    Yamaha AHM 4 pce Gold Champagne Sparkle

    Wow indeed! I know what I spent on mine. YIKES! Someone buy this kit. NOW!
  10. DanRH

    OT: Anyone watching the Tour?

  11. DanRH

    Worst kit you've owned

    The C&C’s? Medium low. A 72-75 on the dial. Very strange...
  12. DanRH

    DFO Supporting Membership Fundraiser, Ad Free

  13. DanRH

    DFO Supporting Membership Fundraiser, Ad Free

    Done. For the cost of a UV1 14”, it’s well worth it. BTW, not a fan of the gold name. Can’t see it.
  14. DanRH

    Ludwig Copperphonic ***SOLD***

    It has now! PM sentski!
  15. DanRH

    Ludwig Classic Maple 20/12/14 White Sparkle

    Wow, if I didn't already have a polar white Yamaha kit on order, these puppies would be mine. GLWS!
  16. DanRH

    Music Book Reviews

    Tune In by Mark Lewisohn. Brilliant story about the Beatles from birth (and before) to 1963.
  17. DanRH

    Just got word on my new delivery date of my AHM’s

    Great. I’ve used it once with my Petty band. Here’s the FB live link to the performance.
  18. DanRH

    I cleaned my cymbals today for the first time in my life. I hated it!

    Yeah, the last time I cleaned a cymbal was in the 70’s.
  19. DanRH

    OT: I need to lose 40 lbs

    Yeah, I never stopped riding so it’s not enough. Food intake is paramount! For me, journaling food intake and exercise is the key. So yeah, for me calories in, calories out does it. Of course I watch what calories are going in. No soda, fried foods, no alcohol, well you know. 85% of the time...
  20. DanRH

    OT: Survived hurricane sally

    Glad you’re OK.