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  1. J

    Full Drum Set with Cymbals

    PM'd but remains UNREAD. If no longer a need, please update.
  2. J

    floor tom to bass drum cradle

    ebay item 361274872020
  3. J

    4 x 14 Blue Onyx Dynasonic on eBay

    Interesting story....!!???? eBAY LINK
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    Rogers Pricing - need help

    Have the book for several years, it is a wealth of information....but people on this board are everyday real life reality check sources of information you cannot find in books!
  5. J

    Rogers Pricing - need help

    Wanting to buy for me, no flip. It's Champagne (match my set); think it's Fullerton (don't have clarification on that; chrome looks real nice; color looks like minimal fade; a few light scratches. I have a 14x20, 12 and 13 toms; wood powertone; 14 and 16 FT' this would be add. Think only...
  6. J

    Rogers Pricing - need help

    Hoping some of the Rogers pros can help me out....I know of an 18" FT that might be available. Told it's 18x16 script badge from 70's. Have seen p[ictures and it is in real nice condition. My dilemma is, I really don't know the value of this. I am interested in buying it, but want to make...
  7. J

    Red Rogers...what about the "SCRIPT"?

    Well, I asked some questions, got some answers, and think I will pass on this one.......... The snare is the brother of the Powertone snare, same COB shell but with a different strainer, butt plate and lugs. I have a Powertone snare but that would cost more. I'm not sure if the shells have...
  8. J

    Red Rogers...what about the "SCRIPT"?

    Does anyone else think something is not quite right....looks to me like script badges are at much more severe angle than from the factory..... CL LINK
  9. J

    60s Rogers Champagne Sparkle Power Tone Snare Drum

    $750 is the exception....someone really wanted that, so thus the price. Have a couple myself, so I watch wood Powertone pricing, becuase I like them better than OCB Dyna. Agree more with Blkonyx, but would say $400-500 range is more then norm....but if you find someone that absolutely has to...
  10. J

    Vintage Rogers Values Rising

    Curious...who's collection are you talking about....any specific drums on Maxwell site? Thanks
  11. J

    Dyna on eBay with issues

    That bottom hoop is a mystery. Appears to be a heavy cast hoop and has interestingly opening for dyna snare bridge.....never seen anything like this.
  12. J

    Dyna on eBay with issues

    Anyone else see the issues with this drum? My link
  13. J

    Beautiful Rogers kit

    Sorry, guess I'm missing your point! Can you clarify.
  14. J

    Beautiful Rogers kit

    Blue Onyx at Maxwell's
  15. J

    jazz radio.....

    Have you tried the free version of SLACKER INTERNET RADIO? For the free one you have to listen to advertisemtns but only a paying for it. I use it on my cellphone here at work and on my computer at home....take a listen and see what you think.
  16. J

    OT: Droid X

    Look at the Droid 2 Global and compare....I have the D2G and love it, plus it has a physical keyboard also.
  17. J

    ROGERS Black Beauty Chrome/Steel 14" Snare Drum-LUDWIG

    DISREGARD....guess I was brain dead....this is the new Yammi junk...picture on front page of their website.
  18. J

    ROGERS Black Beauty Chrome/Steel 14" Snare Drum-LUDWIG

    I'm a Rogers person since 1964, but this is a new one on me....ANYONE? Fleabay link
  19. J

    OT: Dave Brubeck

    Saw Brubeck live in mid '60s...was only 15 feet away from Morello...guy totally blew my mind. Ultimate technician!
  20. J

    Rogers 14 X 14 tom cleveland era value

    That's P00DER, that's why