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  1. TrickRoll

    Marvin “Smitty” Smith - what is he doing now

    His playing on the tune 'Nemesis' with Dave Holland, Steve Coleman, and Kevin Eubanks amazes me.
  2. TrickRoll

    Worst kit you've owned

    My first kit - 1967 Pink Champagne Ludwig Club Date with Acro snare.. Everything was fine about it except the floor tom. Almost impossible to tune unless you wanted a 'boing' effect.
  3. TrickRoll

    That one drummer...

    For us Boomers it’s probably Hal Blaine or Ringo regardless of what we’d like to think. LOL
  4. TrickRoll

    Yamaha Oak Musashi Snare

    I have the 6.5x13 and the 10. Love them! They speak with their own voices. Strongly!
  5. TrickRoll

    Skill level vs Gear level

    A drum is a drum. You are the drummer and musician; and you make the music. The drum is just a simple tool.
  6. TrickRoll

    One drum company for all of your drumming needs?

    Yamaha - every other company has let me down in one area or another. My favorite fail was a DW hi-hat stand that wouldn't stand up on a level floor. Sonor was good - but hardware was way beyond what was necessary. Gretsch made lovely sounding drums but terrible hardware; drums had minor...
  7. TrickRoll

    The Ten Drum Sets That Changed Music Forever!

    A lot of these lists are created by ignorant fools
  8. TrickRoll

    One of Rock's Greatest Albums Dropped 50 Years Ago (July 25, 1970)

    I appreciate you mentioning Don Ellis. His contribution doesn't get recognized much these days but at the time he was getting a lot of attention for his fusion of jazz, rock, complex metrics, and East meets West traditions.
  9. TrickRoll

    Fronting a band with guitar taught me that I despise overplaying....

    I am late to the party and a contrarian to boot. My thoughts are this: As a drummer that also performs as a jazz guitarist; what I notice is that a lot of drummers are unable to maintain intensity at lower volumes and don't have the vocabulary or technique to 'take it up a notch'. They are...
  10. TrickRoll

    James Baldwin and Al Harewood

    I love that little trap tree on his bass drum
  11. TrickRoll

    What would be your chosen set of "same cymbal brand & line"?

    Paiste Traditionals Great blend, sit in the mix well, very musical, and versatile.
  12. TrickRoll

    What did Max Roach do?

    This thread is a fine example of the power and fellowship of this forum
  13. TrickRoll

    What did Max Roach do?

    Excellent post. In regards to #1, Max also pioneered playing melodic solos based on the structure of the tune. His founding and leadership of the percussion ensemble M'Boom was pretty special, too!
  14. TrickRoll

    What did Max Roach do?

  15. TrickRoll

    John Bonham's Top 5 Drummers! Buddy Rich? Ringo? Meytal?

    Bonham obviously loved Max Roach given some of the phrases he copped from Max.
  16. TrickRoll

    Coolest drummer you ever met?

    Randy Marsh. Cool in that he lives and breathes music, is totally dedicated to the art, and is generous with his support and promotion of other musicians. And he is an extremely hip harmonica play
  17. TrickRoll

    Another track released with my brother.

    Nice job!
  18. TrickRoll

    Steve Gadd-Flat ride?

    That's really nice! Thanks for posting that. Cool to hear Steve on a flat. Now he sings...LOL
  19. TrickRoll

    Right side ride?.

    I’d guess Buddy and Gene had some input regarding the design of AZ cymbals. However, even my later K’s were just cymbals - no markings to indicate they were anything particular. They were what you made them. But they came from a time of less specialized gear. We have a lot of options today...
  20. TrickRoll

    Right side ride?.

    I'm sorry - but in the 'old days' there were cymbals.