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  1. JimmyFenno

    July 4th Outdoor Hamilton TX

    Steevo’s house built 1890 on the back patio- full band, jammers welcome. Starts 5pm, done at 8:30. Masks are alright of course. I’ll have my kit there, mic’s up. All players near Hamilton TX welcome. PM me for further details if interested.
  2. JimmyFenno

    Any Basie fans around?

    have my dad’s 17 pce I Remember Basie chart? It’s a classic through a couple pub houses. Dick FENNO. Swinging!
  3. JimmyFenno

    OT: Does Anyone Have Jobs For DFO Members?

    Gig jobs for those with a decent ride/ Postmates if you can stand it. The national count is back up and ready to train in July/August. Census pays well. Grid work and numerators needed.
  4. JimmyFenno

    Artimus Pyle Plane Crash Movie Promises Plenty of Humor, Sex, Drugs and Rock ' Roll

    Artsy on a sailboat parked in N Florida. Dude is a wealth of info.
  5. JimmyFenno

    Some Octagon goodness with Nate Smith

    Bari chops are fine!
  6. JimmyFenno

    Well, well, well

    Thanks for the likes all. :)
  7. JimmyFenno

    Well, well, well

    mood man and AR thank you for the like. Not a salesman, I’m a drummer like all of us. But check it out. I haven’t gone anywhere else to push these two products and if I could not provide my DFO brethren with a deal I would never post in general. Let me know if interested. Last sales pitch.
  8. JimmyFenno

    Well, well, well

    Just dropping in for the first time in a while. Hi to all and hopefully everyone is well and or getting well. I know drive by posts can be a troublesome read but here we go right? NAMM produced 2 endorsements that have been awesome. First “No Nut Cym Sleeves” which have proved to be a G*D - send...
  9. JimmyFenno

    Yamaha Ultralight Crosstown

    At 61 I find that it's not the size and weight of the hardware. It's the number of trips in and out from the stage. I must say though that drum co.'s are sensitive to both the bad backs of the young and the old. Funny I was leaving day 4 of NAMM and "caught" a couple of Ludwig "endorsers"...
  10. JimmyFenno

    Has anyone ever seen a band at Disney that didn’t have great musicians?

    Not since pre 1962 when Dad started playing the marching band and the Golden Horseshoe revue. Their demand for great players and pro readers was very demanding. What a fun gig for the player's kids...."E" tickets every weekend!!
  11. JimmyFenno

    Early Christmas

    Carol and my 2 boys Ryan and Pat sure showed the love today. LM402 and a padded SKB case. Plus early open. Love it. Thanks to Arizona Drums for the deal.
  12. JimmyFenno

    Darwin... Is this a Jasper or Keller shell?

    Jazper no?
  13. JimmyFenno

    New Gretsch USA Custom snare - Mystic Blue Nitrocellulose hi gloss (now with poll!)

    Jump, yo, you do only live once! Brooklyn yo!
  14. JimmyFenno

    PDP New Yorker 4-pc - cyber week sale $299

    Oh I see....Pearl re-wrap?
  15. JimmyFenno

    PDP New Yorker 4-pc - cyber week sale $299

    Peacock? Man what a chance at an "offshore" (not) los kitto!
  16. JimmyFenno

    BREAK OUT THE PICS... Lets see your SOLID 1 ply Snare Drums!

    Outstanding planks. Do metalics count?
  17. JimmyFenno

    Vic's Drum Shop closing but...

    Always a SERVICE++++ shop to deal with. So glad we can continue on the "new" shop location.
  18. JimmyFenno

    24th November Empty Bowl Project

    Over $115K this year.!.!.!
  19. JimmyFenno

    24th November Empty Bowl Project

    This year was a record setter for sales of bowls, T's....silent auction....the whole thing was great. Can't wait for next year....the Sunday before Thanksgiving - always.