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  1. Houndog

    New Carolina Drumworks kit drums in a live stream tonight (and available to view later)

    That’s pure class , by the way Ghostnote is back
  2. Houndog


    Just had surgery will be in here 5 day a
  3. Houndog

    So I finally started a blog about drums

    Oh it’s you , nevermind
  4. Houndog

    So I finally started a blog about drums

    What are your credentials?
  5. Houndog

    What’s your favorite cymbal brand and why?

    Zildjian, I’ve never cracked one .
  6. Houndog

    What does everybody think of the new Rogers

    A short lived venture in my opinion .
  7. Houndog

    Do you really need a Supraphonic?

    Mr D here comes closer than anybody at replicating you know who Have you heard Brian Tichy ?? He gets there .
  8. Houndog

    Beat Bug?

    Well , there goes that sale ...
  9. Houndog

    Beat Bug?

    I have one available .
  10. Houndog

    Tama S.L.P. vs Ayotte

    Man , I’ve been wanting an Ayotte Kit for years !!! Tama , I’ll pass .
  11. Houndog

    The Official Slingerland Drum Thread

    Mine has a std butt plate but the wires attach to the bottom of the strainer like it’s a super sensitive or something. It’s a bit rattley .
  12. Houndog

    RIP Lee Kerslake

    If Ozzy is weak and easy manipulated he is still responsible for that . He makes me sick ...
  13. Houndog

    The Official Slingerland Drum Thread

    .....I have just 2 Snares , a single ply 5.5 Artist and a 6.5 COB Krupa , my buddy brought his 6.5 Black Beauty over and they sounded very similar .
  14. Houndog

    Slingerland rewrap

    I gigged it the 1st time I wrapped it yes . It was an outdoor unmiced gig . My GF freaked out when I played for her . It has so much punch followed by a low rumble it’s crazy.
  15. Houndog

    DFO Supporting Membership Fundraiser, Ad Free

    I’m still seeing ads ??? If you need to put the “ gold supporter thing “ back in my name go ahead .
  16. Houndog

    The Official Slingerland Drum Thread

    I’m a Slingerland guy . All my heroes played them . Neil Peart Phil Ehart Bill Ward Matt Abts Nigel Olson I know a lot more did but these are my favs . I have built up a shell bank . Still looking for an 18” & 20” bass drum .
  17. Houndog

    OT: Car repairs

    My mechanic wanted $500 just to talk !!!!!!
  18. Houndog

    Slingerland re-wraps

    Double post . ugh sorry .
  19. Houndog

    Slingerland rewrap

    Did a 26 & 16 today . For my shell bank . All the drums are red or black . Snare is a one ply .
  20. Houndog

    5 days studio retreat!!!

    Would like to hear some of the results