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    Paiste identification

    Anyone able to identify the specific Paiste’s Hutch is playing here?
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    Gretsch & Ludwig custom order experiences?

    I’m considering custom ordering either a Gretsch Broadkaster or a Ludwig Legacy kit. The Broadkaster would be to get exactly the options I want (as opposed to grabbing an in stock kit that’s 90% there). The Ludwig because there are virtually zero Legacy downbeat kits in stock in the USA...
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    Ludwig Legacy in stock?

    Anyone with industry insight know why Ludwig Legacy’s in downbeat config are so rarely in stock anywhere? You can find Gretsch Custom/Broadkaster, Ludwig Classic Maple, Sonor Vintage, and various other high end kits in the 20/12/14 config in stock - but rarely Legacy in the “legendary” downbeat...
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    Gretsch Brooklyn vs Ludwig Classic Maple

    Looking for real-world opinions on Gretsch Brooklyn vs Ludwig Classic Maple. Both live and in studio. Outside of the sound (primary interest) I’d also be interested in experiences with quality control of recently made (ie current Ludwig and post DW Gretsch).
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    Done - please delete

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    Gretsch Broadkaster (jasper) 20x16 bass drum

    20x16" Gretsch Broadkaster bass drum. This is the previous Broadkaster - jasper shell, gunmetal hardware, in the ebony finish. Very good condition. It has a few small marks on the hoops when the claws come in contact. Otherwise, no nicks, scratches, etc. I bought it new to match my Broadkaster...
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    Yamaha - what happened here?

    $3,289.99 = link $3,919.47 = link The first one is made in China and the second doesn't include the snare. Great sizes, sound great, beautiful finishes, appear to be very well made. Both are great dealers so I don't think they are gouging. But what's the deal with those prices? $3.3k for...
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    SOLD - DW 6710 flat based straight cymbal stand

    DW 6710 flat based straight cymbal stand. Like new, barely used. Even comes in the original box with the tag. $65 shipped in the lower 48. PayPal only.
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    SOLD: Paiste Masters 20" Sweet Ride (Blue Bird)

    André Ceccarelli model 20" Masters Sweet Ride. Very good condition. Fingerprints and a few stick marks - no cracks, key holes, flea bites. Has that Masters vibe with an underlying trashiness. Decent amount of wash, but no funky overtones. Nice cymbal. $285 shipped. PayPal only (I pick up the...