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    Show us your Custom/Boutique drums!

    NOS Slingerland Niles-era shells purchased from Tom Soder's in 1999, shipped to Precision for trimming & edges, assembled by myself with Slingerland hardware, 8x8, 8x10, 8x12, 9x13, 10x14, 16x16, 14x20, 5x14 snare, 2x10 timbale tom:
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    Show us your Custom/Boutique drums!

    Pete Stanbridge 5x15 segmented Brazilian mahogany snare drum fitted with 1940s-era Leedy brass hoops, P-86 throw and calfskin heads:
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    Show us your Custom/Boutique drums!

    Luka solid (hollowed from solid log) 7x10 snare drum:
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    Show us your Custom/Boutique drums!

    Keller birch shells with (mostly) Slingerland hardware, 8x10, 10x12, 16x16, 16x22:
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    Show us your Custom/Boutique drums!

    Infinity mahogany/poplar/oak shells assembled with Ludwig lugs, 9x13, 16x16, 16x18, 14x24:
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    Tell Me About Rhythm King Drums

    I bought one of his segmented snare shells off eBay around 20 years ago (circa 1999-2000). It had some gaps between the segments, some big enough to see daylight through...which was not shown in his auction photos. I couldn't sell it in good conscience so I basically scrapped the shell. I...
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    Looking for a kit for a friend! Check the specs!

    In the close-but-no-cigar category, I've got a set of Keller-shelled birch drums with a mix of Slingerland, Tama and Gibraltar hardware, sizes dead-on what they want except for bass drum depth (18"). Thin shells (toms are 6-ply and bass is 8-ply) with blue dyed finish, could be wrapped. Never...
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    What other drum forums/websites/boards are you on?

    I rarely visit DFO nowadays, occasionally I'll check in and have a look around. Used to be a regular on Andy Foote's DrumRap forum when I was heavily into assembling drums (site has long since closed) and I used to frequent Vintage Drum forum, but haven't been there in years.
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    Noble & Cooley made in USA die-cast hoops for sale

    Looking to sell a couple of 1990's-Era made in USA Noble & Cooley die-cast hoops. Bought them back around 1998 or so and used them briefly, then switched to triple-flanged and these went into storage for the next 20+years. Just dug them out and I think it's time someone made use of them. One...
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    *FOUND* Looking for Ludwig clip mount parts

    And once again, Paul at Buffalo Drum Outlet to the rescue! Found both in one of his amazing parts bins...thanks all for assistance & suggestions.
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    *FOUND* Looking for Ludwig clip mount parts

    I think it was only used on smaller diameter drums/bongos. Larger drums have enough weight to keep them from moving a lot, but the 6" and 8" diameter shells I'm refinishing bounce around & rattle on the stand without that piece. Think I'll visit Paul at Buffalo Drum Outlet & see if he has any...
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    *FOUND* Looking for Ludwig clip mount parts

    Mark, there's a little flat piece of black metal that installs inside of that channel, with a hole drilled on one end which one of the mounting screws goes through.
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    *FOUND* Looking for Ludwig clip mount parts

    Hmm, interesting idea...might just work, but I don't have any mufflers either. Thanks for checking, I appreciate it.
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    WNY drummers - Buffalo Drum Outlet is closing

    Always enjoyed stopping by and chatting with Paul, whether buying or selling/swapping gear or just catching up. Like a kid going into a candy store, I always had to come out with something. Paul was and is the best. Never be another like him, hope he enjoys many years of retirement!
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    *FOUND* Looking for Ludwig clip mount parts

    Not sure what they're called but I need (2) of the black spring steel pieces that screw inside the channel of Ludwig clip mounts, to stabilize drums & keep them from wobbling. Searched the Ludwig parts catalog and found the part number for a complete mount assembly but no breakdown or part...
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    Any Pearl drums enthusiasts? What’s your opinion on Pearl?

    Spot on regarding Pearl's artist support, and customer service in general. I remember many years back I asked Gene Okamoto at Pearl a question about a used Free-Floating snare I had just bought and his kind (and lengthy) reply full of helpful advice and tuning tips still makes me smile to this...
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    UPDATE- my order from

    The last time I ordered from Andy's site, it was 15 years ago...I purchased a set of Puresound wires that were shipped to me flat in a folded-down box. The box (and its contents) were badly creased, making the wires unusable. When I contacted Andy and explained what had happened, he first...
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    Infinity Drumworks Raw Shell

    Nice job on the snare, as well as the Ford! I picked up a set of Infinity shells, mahogany/oak/maple with reinforcing rings...thin and light but strong. Made a great-sounding set.
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    Why Precision?

    When Tom Soder at MusicalCloseouts.Com was selling NOS Slingerland Niles shells, I had him ship a set of shells to Precision. They cut the shell depths to my specs and cut beautiful bearing edges, as smooth as silk. Those completed drums sounded and FELT fantastic, and they still do...
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    Jan Hammer...the drummer?

    He has a different kind of feel, and you can easily tell he thinks in terms of patterns and flourishes more than being a timekeeper. That said, his drum programming work is very precise and yet still retains that feel of his...sometimes rushing, sometimes dragging, even sloppy at times. But he...