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    Noble & Cooley made in USA die-cast hoops for sale

    Looking to sell a couple of 1990's-Era made in USA Noble & Cooley die-cast hoops. Bought them back around 1998 or so and used them briefly, then switched to triple-flanged and these went into storage for the next 20+years. Just dug them out and I think it's time someone made use of them. One...
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    *FOUND* Looking for Ludwig clip mount parts

    Not sure what they're called but I need (2) of the black spring steel pieces that screw inside the channel of Ludwig clip mounts, to stabilize drums & keep them from wobbling. Searched the Ludwig parts catalog and found the part number for a complete mount assembly but no breakdown or part...
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    *SOLD* 1969 Slingerland 5x14 Super Sound King

     *SOLD*  Congratulations and thank you snooter!  She's on her way. I hate to do it, but the first of the month is coming and I need to pay my I'm looking to sell one of my favorite drums. @1969 Slingerland Super Sound King with Dual Super parallel strainer system, 10 lugs...
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    *SOLD*Enduro 10" hard case

    Here's a Humes & Berg Enduro hard case that can hold up to an 8" deep x 10" diameter drum (I was storing a 6x6 drum in it).  In great shape, a couple very small rips in the foam lining but it's not falling out or missing any -- still 100% intact.  The usual mild scuffing on the exterior but...
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    *SOLD* Premier 14" 8-hole die-cast batter hoop

     *SOLD* is a Premier 14" 8-hole low profile die-cast batter hoop, in International (non-metric) dimensions.  Hoop is round, chrome plating looks good from a few feet away but up close many hairline cracks are apparent in the plating.  It was difficult for me to photograph these hairlines, see...
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    *SOLD* Ludwig Vistalite small lug gaskets

     *SOLD* is a set of (12) white Ludwig Vistalite lug gaskets for small Classic lugs.  Excellent condition, ready to install.  $8 shipped in the USA, Canada extra.  PM or e-mail me if you're interested. Jeff
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    *SOLD* 2 pairs brass plated hoops FS *SOLD*

    1 pair 10" 6-hole 2.3mm triple-flanged brass-plated steel 1 pair 12" 6-hole 2.3mm triple-flanged brass-plated steel Both pairs brand new (some still have "Made In Taiwan" sticker), bought for a project that won't be happening.  $25 shipped for each pair, or both pairs shipped for $45 in the...
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    Mystery lugs -- can you identify?

    Anyone here recognize this type of lug casing?  I bought them on eBay since they were the right mounting hole spacing for my needs (Ludwig Standard aluminum snare shell with 2-3/8" center-to-center holes) but come to find out the swivel lug nuts inside are extremely small/narrow...
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    FS 19" K Zildjian Dark Thin Crash *SOLD*

    SOLDAlmost unused condition, a few stick marks but no damage of any kind. Serial numbered, I think I still have the plastic bag for this one. Time for someone to play it, it's tired of being in the case. Asking $120 shipped to U.S. addresses. PM or e-mail if interested. Jeff
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    FS 17" K Zildjian Dark Thin Crash *SOLD*

    SOLDHas seen light use, a few stick marks but no damage (cracks, chips, dents, keyhole). Excellent condition. Modern version, serial numbered. Sounds nice but not getting used these days. Asking $115 shipped to U.S. addresses. PM or e-mail if interested. Jeff